January 2018

I can’t quite believe I am writing this blog as we are very quickly approaching the second month of the year, where does the time actually go?

Anyway, yes I am back with more blogs for 2018 and this time it’s time to look at January 2018 and what I got up to, which if I am honest, was not a lot.

At the beginning of the month, me and my best friend Amy headed up to Chiswick Park to see the Magical Lantern Festival, which was pretty cool. They had some nice artistic displays on show, coloured with different lights and effects. We had a good time going round the park and getting some good shots of our time there. You can check the video below:

Aside from visiting lantern shows, I also used the quiet time of January to get to know my brand new toy! Yes, late last year I got my hands on my first ever drone, the DJI Spark. I got it through a technology scheme at my work which was pretty cool, and it has always been my dream to own a drone for some great videography. I do admit though, mastering the thing has been hard and it is not as easy as it looks, especially if you are a beginner like me. I have had a couple of near-misses and at one point it hit a tree and fell down, but luckily into a bush. Trial & error has been key and I think I am a lot more proficient at using it which is good, and I am hoping to get some good videos as the year goes by, with a ton of things planned for the summer. It’s going to get busy.

I have put together three drone videos, videos that I would like to call “experimental” and they have been named Dizzy Drones, just because I can only imagine my drone getting pretty dizzy with the tasks I have thrown at it. Here is my favourite video of the lot though, where I have managed to grasp how to use the gimbal on the drone and point the camera straight down for some bird’s eye view shots. Let me know what you think!

Did you spot me in the last video? I honestly am so excited to use it more and more as the weather gets better, I am so excited about the places and things I am going to be doing or visiting in the summer.

The last thing to discuss is my tortoises who are getting on well in their new home, despite the fact I have changed it about a bit from when I first set it up. I am now happy with how it looks and there are many places for my tortoises to hide or explore and do which is good. I have also got some plants to use in the tortoise enclosure, which my little torts have taken pleasure in destroying a couple of times. It’s ok though, I still love them and it’s for them to destroy as they feel. In the space of a month, my tortoises have had healthy growth spurts as they reach that time from going from a baby to an infant. Sylvie now weighs 54g (up from 40g) and Morty now weighs 52g (up from 38g). They have been eating well and I just hope that they are happy, they seem to be anyway.

I am going to aim to take more videos of them too as they go about their lives, but here is my introductory video to them taken with my GoPro sitting in the enclosure. What do you think?

So that’s it really, that was my January. I didn’t do a lot really in the grand scheme of things but then I didn’t expect to, January is normally a boring month. I have been watching a lot of new TV though and checking out some of the new movies out there.

What will happen in February? Well, come back next month for more!