Yes, here it is then, 2017 is about to draw to a close and it’s only right that we look back at my year and the things I have done and accomplished, it has been a very exciting year to say the least, so here goes…



Back in January, a new year had begun, and unfortunately, my previous car (my VW Polo) was on its last legs and I needed to get a new car. So I got my brand new Toyota Aygo back in early January, and it runs like a dream. It may only be a small car with a small engine but it suits me and my needs and we have had a great year driving all over the place. In January I also went to the Eurovision selection show for the UK entrant, where we saw Lucie Jones take the title of the UK Entrant for Eurovision 2017.

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor

February came along and the weather started to get milder, it was also a time where I went to not one but two concerts. I saw the US folk band Joseph when they played in London and on a last minute whim, I booked tickets to go and see Sophie Ellis-Bextor in Brighton too, which coincided with a day trip to the southern city too. It was great seeing them both and I managed to get some fantastic photos of Sophie too, as demonstrated in the above picture.

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March was a fun month, along with seeing Goldfrapp (as pictured) on their tour to promote their latest album “Silver Eye”, I also took my new car for a spin up north and stayed near York on a converted houseboat. I had booked the trip through Airbnb (again on a whim) and it was a bargain for what it was, the whole houseboat all to me for two nighrs. I absolutely loved it and it was great to visit York too where I have never been before. I am thinking of trying to do a similar trip in 2018 but maybe further north in Scotland maybe, we shall see!

March 24th was also my best friend Amy’s 40th birthday and so we celebrated in style in London and did some exciting things, we also got similar tattoo designs done so that we would always be connected in some way, with Amy getting the infinity design on her foot and me getting the infinity design on the back of my right leg. We had such a laugh and then we sat down to watch the musical Wicked too.

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April came along and so I and two friends I have known for many years travelled up to Scotland, well, Edinburgh for a couple of nights of pure fun. We stayed in a really nice apartment which was really modern and swarve in the heart of the capital, and then we explored as much as possible. We took a whole heap of photos and even sampled some haggis, it was a great time and will hold many memories for me for years to come. We have also all booked a cruise to go on in October 2018 so we are all looking forward to that!

Also in April, me and Amy and her family visited Legoland when we got hold of some free tickets which was good fun, seeing as I had never been since I was very little and don’t remember it. I also saw the Swedish babe Måns Zelmewlöw when he was touring in London and me and Hannah (one of my friends on the Edinburgh trip) went to Winchester for a day trip where I showed her some of the beautiful sights there.

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The summer was well and truly on the horizon and of course, like every May before it, the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was happening from Kyiv in Ukraine. I didn’t go this year unfortunately but I will be heading out to Lisbon in 2018 so I am excited about that! I also got my brand new bike in May which I used many times. I am guilty of not using it so much in recent months but I blame heartbreak and bad weather for that, it is my full intention of getting back out on the bike more in 2018 though.

Elsewhere in May I also had an awe-inspiring shift out on an ambulance in Portsmouth which I really enjoyed and has helped me to realise that going out on the road is what I eventually want to do. I also was supposed to be going to see Ariana Grande perform live at The O2 in London, but this gig was cancelled after the sad events at the show just before the one I was supposed to see in Manchester. Instead, me and Hannah who were supposed to be going to the show met up and held like a mini-tribute on the beach in Lee-On-The Solent. It was a great night watching the sun going down and having a bit of a reflection on both our lives and the lives of the people who lost their lives, including one of my friends Martyn Hett.

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The Color Run 2017

Another month goes by in the exciting year that is 2017 and we are now at June, the summer was well and truly here and so was the little pieces of clothing and the sun.

It’s become an annual tradition that me and Amy go to the Color Run every June, held at Wembley Park in London. This was our second even together and my third overall, with our intention of doing it all again in June 2018. We had such a fantastic fun time running around Wembley and getting pelted with colour, and I managed to get some fantastic footage on my camera. This wasn’t our only outing in June as we also went to the Mighty Hoopla event in Victoria Park earlier in the month. We had some fantastic times and I will always highly regard these memories for years to come.

Elsewhere in June, I was pretty much cycling everywhere and also swimming a lot in the David Lloyd swimming pool, which had at the time opened their roof so that you could literally swim in the sun, it was amazing, even if I did get badly burnt at one time. I was so fitness-crazed at the time that I was cycling to the gym, to work out and then to have a swim before cycling all the way back home (it’s about a 9-mile round trip!). I need to get that enthusiasm back in the New Year.

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London Pride 2017

The peak of Summer was amongst us and the feeling of happiness was everywhere and contagious. I went to London Gay Pride earlier in the month before heading to go and see the US band The Killers headline at the BST Hyde Park event. That was a great day and it was good to catch-up with many of my friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I also took my bike on a road trip to go cycling around Epping Forest in North London which was good fun, even if it did completely tip it down with rain at the end. I plan on taking my bike down to the New Forest next summer to do similar biking trips, bringing my GoPro with me to capture it all. I also went to my first barbeque of the year and it was a fun time.

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Brighton was the destination of choice for me and my two friends who I went to Edinburgh with earlier in the year, went down to the coast for two nights of pure unadulterated fun. We had such a laugh and even went up the new i360 viewpoint which brought so many photo opportunities. We also went to see Mamma Mia at the theatre and went around all of the shops in Brighton, including ChoccyWoccyDooDah in The Lanes. We even had a stop there to have some glorious chocolate milkshakes.

Elsewhere in August I went out a number of times in Southampton which is now what I call my second home, and I also tried out 12 delcious Everdine meals which I got on a very special offer, they were really nice and great to take to work with me to eat as a healthy and nutritious microwave meal. I loved it so much that I have now started a monthly subscription to get new meals every month.

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September was my shining moment as I was on TV for the first time ever, on The One Show. I was with my friend at Brent Cross shopping centre when we got approached to take part on the show, only my friend stitched me up when he said he would do it too but then chickened out after I had done it. Still, it was fun to have my moment on BBC Prime Time and it was weird that people recognised me and texted me to say they saw me on TV. I even had a little jingle made for my name, “The Dan Conway Show” indeed. Maybe one day…

Elsewhere in September, I took my friend Amy out with me to David Lloyd where we went and used the gym and the swimming pool, having so much fun along the way.

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I had my first and only trip abroad this month when i travelled to Croatia, and what a gorgeous trip it was. It was such a bargain for what it was too and it was an All Inclusive trip so everything was paid for in terms of food and drink, so I could just enjoy my money spending on things I wanted as souvenirs and trips/ferries to other places. I didn’t just visit Croatia, but also visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and more specifically the city of Mostar, which has a really sad history behind it, and the war that devastated it in the 1990’s.

Elsewhere in October I met two beautiful tortoises that my friend had recently got as pets, and Halloween was on the horizon so I watched many scary horror movies including seeing the brand new film in the Saw franchise at the cinema, Jigsaw.

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November was another action-packed month, with concerts by both Steps and Bananarama (as well as Vengaboys as a support act) and I also had more acquaintances with tortoises as I prepared myself for my new arrivals. I and Amy also took the opportunity to go early Christmas shopping in London and I was testing out my brand new iPhone, which took the above long exposure photo. I need to keep using my new camera on my phone in the New Year and see what I can use it on.

November was also a very sad month though, as you may remember that my Nan sadly passed away in this month. November 27th will always be remembered going forward and I hope to honour her and her memory for years to come.

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Welcome to my new two babies in my life, these are my two tortoises Sylvie and Morty. They have been settling in to their new home really well and I can’t wait to see how they grow and hopefully we can have some fun memories throughout the years as they get bigger and find themselves in different situations. I fell in love with my friend’s two tortoises and so I wanted to get some for myself too, despite some initial hesitation. They don’t actually take that much work to look after them and they are so adorable and cute to watch, I could literally watch them for hours on end.

December was also the time of the funeral for my Nan, I turned the grand age of 31 and of course, it was Christmas. I went to a Masquerade Ball for our work Christmas Do and then only yesterday me and Amy went to the Magical Lantern festival in Chiswick which was really nice.

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So there we have it, that is my 2017 in a nutshell and it is drawing to a close. In only a few hours time we will be counting down to the brand new year and if next year is only a fraction of how eventful 2017 was, it is bound to be an amazing year. The truth is though, I know that next year is very likely to be even more eventful than 2017 as I have so many things planned. I have no less than 3 trips already planned and there are many concerts on the horizon, as well as it looking likely that I will be moving down south as well to be closer to work. I can’t wait to see what my cute little tortoises get up to as well and I am also starting a new diet as of tomorrow, it’s all planned out and combined with a routine back in fitness, I hope to lose some weight and be happier with my weight next year. Don’t even get me started on the music, as the music of 2018 looks likely to be really good too, with many comebacks! Tomorrow I will be publishing my full Top 100 of the music of 2017 so stay tuned for that, but for now, I wish you all a very peaceful and magical New Year!

I leave you now with my 2017 in Seconds video, where one second of every day (up until the 25th December) has been mashed together to create the ultimate compilation video…

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