Well, what a month it has been, although it has gone by super quick yet again. We are now into the dark nights and cold weather season, and Christmas is well and truly on the horizon.

This past month has been really good though as I went on holiday to Croatia which was fantastic. It was an absolute bargain for an All Inclusive holiday and despite the initial hesitation on whether it would be a good holiday, I was proved completely wrong. I had a fantastic time away, there were so many things to see and do and the fact that I had all of the food and drink I could ever want on tap, it made it all that much better. Highlights of the trip included going to Dubrovnik (we were staying in Cavtat, just south of Dubrovnik) and seeing all of the sights there. Being a huge fan of Game of Thrones it was great to see all of the locations filmed for the show, including the atonement steps as I call them, the steps where Cersei walks down to be shamed by the crowds.

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Other trip highlights included going on an excursion to Bosnia & Herzegovina, just over the border to visit war-torn Mostar and the famous Stari Most Bridge. I didn’t realise the history of this bridge, it actually was destroyed by war in the 1990’s and it was sad to see what had happened to it. You can tell that the country is still struggling to piece everything together after the war (it only happened twenty years ago) and you could see all of the derelict and beaten down buildings throughout the city. The souvenir shops were also selling souvenir gifts such s pens made out of real bullets as there were so many used during the war.

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I had an absolute blast during my trip out there and managed to get some fantastic photos. I uploaded a YouTube clip focusing solely on my trip away so if you have time don’t forget to check it out below:

Whilst back home I was doing the same old things really, working a lot, and seeing my friends. I also met two lovely baby tortoises which my friend got recently, I cannot tell you how cute they are! I was able to bathe them, feed them and hold them in my hand and it was a joy, they are so delicate but yet fierce and strong when they want to be. I didn’t actually realise how clever they are also and they have a great sense of depth, meaning they can sense they are at a height and can act accordingly. Their names are Rose Red and Snow White as initially Snow White was the tortoise that kept herself to herself and didn’t do much, and Rose Red was the active one. However, I have been told by my friend that the roles have switched somewhat in recent days. I can’t wait to see them again. I am also tempted to get a tortoise for myself, as they are actually surprisingly easy to look after, you just need to make sure they have a heat source so that they can bask if they want to. We will see anyway.

The last thing to discuss is that I recently got my new iPhone as part of my yearly upgrade program with O2. I simply walk into the store, hand them my old handset and then I get a new one completely free of charge, how amazing is that!? I have now gone for the iPhone 8 Plus instead of waiting for the iPhone X, which is released later this week. I didn’t want to wait if I am honest and next year they will no doubt be more refined and become the “norm” shape for future releases. The Plus model has a much larger battery life so this was another factor that swayed me. I am absolutely loving the camera on my new phone and can’t wait to make good use of it in the weeks and months to come!

For now, though, you can check out more of my adventures (filmed mostly with my old iPhone) during October 2017 by pressing play on my recent Adventures video.