Well, here is the start of a new chapter. My blog is going to solely be on my personal stuff going forward, stripped back and streamlined. You will (maybe) have noticed that there are no music or TV/Film blogs this month as there would be usually, and this will only be a good thing going forward.

So here we are, October. This blog is out later than billed, but it has been a busy week! Before we get started on my plans for the month ahead, let’s get in the time machine and look back at my month of September.

September started out pretty ordinary, seeing many of my friends in different places and having a great time. Me & my friend Amy took advantage of one of my complimentary day passes for David Lloyd and went to the new one opened in Northwood, where we had a great time swimming and lounging around in the sauna/jacuzzi area. We had a load of fun, I think I may have convinced her to become a member herself.

It’s a thumbs up from Amy!

The new iPhone and other Apple products were launched and unveiled this month, with the new iPhone X being the star of the show. I am still undecided on whether to wait until it’s released (November) or get the upgraded iPhone 8 Plus at the end of October when my upgrade is due. Either way, I am going to end up with a new phone that has an absolutely fantastic camera, the best there has ever been to date, especially in a smart phone. There are going to be a load of fantastic pictures coming soon.

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I also had my debut TV appearance this month, weirdly enough. I was in Brent Cross shopping centre with a friend last week, where Radio 1 were celebrating being around for 50 years. In order to celebrate, The One Show were doing a tribute show on the 28th September, and Liz Kershaw (I had to google as well) was there interviewing members of the public about their memories of the radio channel and what radio means to them. I got roped into doing this, but only because my friend said he would do it as well but he chickened out in the end, and so there I was, being interviewed by Liz Kershaw about my thoughts on radio. I even had a personal jingle made just for me, The Dan Conway Show. It felt like I had my own chat show if I am honest with you, such a weird moment. Anyway, (part of) the interview was broadcast that night on BBC1 on The One Show and they only showed the bit of the interview where I say I prefer radio to streaming (spoiler: I don’t!) and I found out how TV works with how they edited the whole interview into a small segment, where other bits of the interview were spliced in. It was a weird experience but was kinda cool to see my mug on National TV. Some of my colleagues noticed me and messaged me to say they had saw me, all very odd!

You can watch the full show on BBC iPlayer (for the next 26 days) by clicking the following link (you have to live in the UK though):


Just last night I went out in Guildford with some friends from college for a mini reunion and catch-up which was good fun. Guildford is home to some weirdly unique places, we went to a Thai restaurant where you literally sit on the floor to eat (delicious food also) and then went on to a small bar, hidden away down an alley, where you have to input a code that you’re given by invite only, to find that they serve all of their drinks in tea pots. Strangely cool and we had such a laugh, we reminisced about our childhoods and the 1990’s mostly, what a great time that was!

Alcohol served in tea-pots, well that’s something new!

The main part of these monthly blogs is the accompaning video that comes with it, looking back at all of my memories of the previous month. Let’s take a look at the September compilation video:

Anyway, so now we are in October. I have a great month lined up, a big fireworks show later in the month and a holiday in an All Inclusive resort somewhere exotic (not saying where yet to not spoil the surprise for the next blog). I can’t wait, and as per usual, my cameras will be following me everywhere to document everything. I can’t wait to get away, I haven’t actually had a holiday abroad all year yet so this is long deserved.

Join me next month for another delve into my weird and wonderful world.