We are coming to an end of another era, after making some decisions about where I would like to take this blog in the future, I have had to do some cutting and plotting about what I would like to do with my website.

Going forward, I want to make my site all about my personal blogs, nothing music or film/TV related, even though that will remain a big part of my life. I have started my “DIZZYDJC ADVENTURES” blogs recently, to match my YouTube video diaries, and this will continue, with this being the basis of my blogs going forward.

As from January 2018 though, my Flix of the Month and Music of the Month blogs will cease. I have given until this date as we are over half-way through the year now and I may as well see them through until the new year begins. So that means there will be 4 more blogs of each to look forward to, but after December 31st, there will be no more. Instead, I will be writing about these elsewhere, with links all over my other social media feeds to reflect this.

I want to make my blog a little bit more personal to me and what I get up to in life, of course, big TV moments and legendary musical moments will be in these too, like for instance if I was to attend a concert or was excited about a big TV Series finale (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*) etc.

I still enjoy writing up my Monthly Curated blogs, the blogs about certain eras or types of music, the latest out yesterday about the life and works of Shania Twain. I am not sure what I will end up doing with these blogs, but I may look to post these away from WordPress in the future as well. I am still undecided on this one, but the sole purpose of this blog now will be for personal posts only. I will hope to continue doing my Eurovision Diary blogs too next year when I will hopefully be out in Lisbon for the event also.


Basically, there will be changes, but they will be for the greater good and will mean that my site has a sole identity rather than the identity crisis it seems to be having at the moment. I will always continue to do my Yearly look back blogs, and I am so excited for the content in my TV Shows and Movies reflection blogs of 2017, both of these will be coming around New Years time.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 13.51.21

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you will continue to read about me and my life going forward!