You must remember Shania Twain, surely? She was a massive deal in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and to this date has the honour of holding the record for the best selling album ever by a female for her 1997 LP “Come On Over”. Although it did take until 1999 until it was released in worldwide territories (including the UK) and then going on to sell 39 million copies to date.

Basically, I love Shania Twain and she deserves to be celebrated. What a career, and personal life she has had. I won’t go into the in’s and out’s of that but it’s worth a read when she can, her personal life has been a whirlwind in the last 12 years and it’s no surprise that she has taken time away from music for a while.

The year is now 2017 though and Shania is back with a brand new album, due for release later this month, so it’s time to celebrate her music career and take a look back at some of her biggest hits of all time. Let’s see if you remember these ditties:

The Early Years

Shania released her debut album, the self-titled “Shania Twain” back in 1993, and her sophomore album “The Woman In Me” in 1995. During these years, Shania was gaining popularity in the country music charts in the US but elsewhere she was basically an unknown. Here is my favourite song from “The Woman In Me”, it’s called “Any Man Of Mine”.

Rise To Fame

With her third LP, “Come On Over”, Shania started to become a household name in the US. She became so popular that her songs started gaining airplay in other territories without any releases planned. Eventually, “Come On Over” came to the world and her songs were literally everywhere, with impressive visuals in her music videos to catchy bops that you just couldn’t not help but sing. Shania had made it BIG! Here are 5 of her biggest hits, all from the same album, for you to enjoy.

Shania: The Legend

So Shania was on a roll in the early 2000’s, she was a legend, a mega star and everybody knew her name. From performing to royalty, to gaining many accolades in numerous award shows, Shania had made it big. In 2002, Shania released her fourth LP “Up!”. Not content with having the album in one genre, she recorded the album in three different genres for different markets, there was a country version, a pop version and a remix/alternative version which was packed full of Bollywood sounding classics. Shania also had a world tour and performed at many high profile gigs, she was a force to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at some of the songs from the “Up!” album which you may remember.

The Return

So Shania has been away from music in 15 years, when her last album “Up!” was released. Fans have been pleading for her to come back for many years but you could tell for a number of reasons (google it – honestly) Shania’s heart wasn’t in music. 2017 marks the well-awaited return from her though and her new album “Now” is released on September 29th.

I am so excited to hear the new material, and apart from her most recent single, I have tried to keep my ears away from hearing anything new so that I can be pleasantly surprised when the album is released. I hear that it is a triumphant return for her though and my excitement is at fever pitch right now.

So here is the first single from her new LP, what do you think of this one?

Great, huh!?

So that’s it for this month, folks. Another Curated playlist for my iTunes library. Next month is October, and you know what that means right? It’s the month of Halloween (where is this year going?) so it’s time to look at some Halloween Party classics.