So this is the first blog in this new series of retrospective blogs, looking back at what I did in the previous month. The annoying thing is that August was a pretty boring month really in the grand scheme of things, apart from this last weekend. I have been working a lot this month, cramming in the overtime as much as possible in preparation for my upcoming trips (more on that later).

So August has been a pretty rubbish month for weather, apart from this last week it has mainly been cold and rainy and that does put a downer on how you are feeling as well, I have found that I have lacked enthusiasm for most of this month and haven’t gone down to the gym as often as I should. I have now been a member of David Lloyd gyms for a year and they have given me two free day passes to give to my friends which will be good! I will have to make use of them soon.

David Lloyd are fantastic.

Last weekend I travelled down to Brighton for some good times with my two good mates. We had such a laugh down there and saw many of Brighton’s hot spots. I also took them to see Arundel Castle on the way there where we got to explore the castle and its grounds, it reminds me so much of Game of Thrones’ Winterfell. Talking of which, I really want to go and visit where it is actually filmed in Northern Ireland. Anyway, back to Brighton, we had a blast and we also saw Mamma Mia! the musical which is on tour at the moment and was playing at the Brighton Centre last week. The last time I was at the Brighton Centre, I worked out, was way back in 2001 when I saw Miss Kylie Minogue perform there after she released her “Light Years” album.

Inside Arundel Castle

We also went to Brighton Pier (of course!) and to The Lanes where they have some amazing and quirky shops, including the famous ChoccyWoccyDooDah shop which is often found on TV. We had some fantastic ice cream milkshakes in there before we moved on, definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Brighton. My favourite thing in Brighton this time around though was going up the new British Airways i360 Observation Deck which takes you 162 metres into the air, and it’s also a great tribute to the old West Pier which was located in this area. I managed to get some fantastic photos up there.

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So yeah, like I mentioned earlier, I have a few trips booked for the upcoming year and beyond and this weekend we added to that list. We have booked to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise around the Dalmatian Coast and Greek Isles around Halloween time next year. I am so excited, Royal Caribbean go all out with their themed nights and I can only imagine that they will have a very fun and spooky Halloween event next year. Also, I will be finally visiting a place I have always dreamt of going to, Santorini in Greece. It looks magnificent and I cannot wait to get a ton of pictures there. We will also be heading off from Venice and again, that is another place that has been a staple on my bucket list for many years. I am so excited but there are still over 400 days to go!

I can’t wait to visit here next year.

Anyway, that was my August in a nutshell. What will my September consist of?

Here is my August adventures video: