Music of the Month: July 2017

A little later than normal, but still here in all its glory, it’s the blog that looks back at the best music of the previous month. You ready to crank up the volume? Let’s do this!


So as you may have read in one of my blogs recently, the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park committed suicide and has left the hearts of many fans heartbroken. Chester Bennington was a true talent and brought the lyrics of many of their songs to life. It’s no surprise really, being a fan myself, that I have been listening to a lot of Linkin Park songs since the news broke almost two weeks ago, very sad. Linkin Park are my #1 artist this month with a total of 192 plays.

Elsewhere in the Top 10, we see Shania Twain climb all the way up to #2, the excitement surrounding her new album (due in September) is gaining momentum and I have been listening to a lot of her back catalogue recently. If you are a Shania Twain fan, you may want to bookmark my site for the 1st September when there will be a whole blog dedicated to the music and hits of the Twain. What is your favourite Shania Twain song? Shania received a total of 176 plays, narrowly being beaten by Linkin Park.


So the top 2 albums this month are exactly the same as last month, seeing Katy Perry have her second consecutive month at the top spot. It appears I still can’t get enough of her latest album, it racked up a total of 122 plays last month.

Dua Lipa is also at #2 for the second month running, and we also see Ed Sheeran make a return to the Top 10 climbing back up to #5. Will I ever stop playing that album? New entries this month include the brand new album from Calvin Harris and Loreen. I should point out that the artwork for Loreen’s “Nude” which I have featured is not the final artwork, she is still teasing us with that but the album is due this month so there is that to look forward to.

Linkin Park has two albums inside the Top 10 this month, their debut album “Hybrid Theory” is at #10 and their most recent album (released in May) “One More Light” is at #9. A fitting tribute if you ask me. There are also new entries from Kesha, Lana Del Rey and Jay-Z. Kesha has made a fantastic comeback after many years away, caught in a highly publicised court battle with her ex-producer. Her third album “Rainbow” is still only partially released with three songs in the public domain, the full album is also due later this month and I am very excited. This brings me on nicely to…


Here are the Top 10 tracks of July 2017, the most exciting part of this blog. Press play as we head from #10 all the way to last month’s #1…

#10 Dua Lipa – Lost In Your Light – 37 plays

#9 Jonas Blue – Mama – 38 plays

#8 Linkin Park – In The End – 46 plays

#7 Katy Perry – Swish Swish – 47 plays

#6 Stockholm Noir – Boy Like A Girl – 50 plays

#5 Shania Twain – Life’s About To Get Good – 54 plays

#4 Clean Bandit (featuring Marina and the Diamonds) – Disconnect – 58 plays

#3 Zedd (featuring Liam Payne) – Get Low – 71 plays

#2 Loreen – Body – 73 plays

#1 Kesha – Praying – 90 plays

So there you have it folks, Kesha has the most played song this month with “Praying”, her first new track since 2013! I absolutely love it and the sentiment behind it. The video is also visually stunning too and bodes well for her full-length album due later this month, I am really excited to hear the music she has been working on for so long but has been unable to release it due to court cases and contracts.

Loreen, being the tease that she is, has released a brand new song last month entitled “Body” from her forthcoming album “Nude”. I have listened to the track so many times (because it is bloody amazing) but there is no official video yet, neither is there a lyric or audio video on YouTube so I have had to post a fan recording of her performing the song at some Swedish festival a couple of days ago. I can only apologise if the video gets taken down shortly after posting this blog.

Other big songs in the Top 10 this month include the big dance track by Zedd and Liam Payne, called “Get Low”. The song has the makings of a true summer dance track and I can’t get enough of it at the moment, along with the new single from Clean Bandit and Welsh songstress Marina and the Diamonds. They are both well worth checking out and seeing what you think!

Anyway, that is it for this month. Join me in September for another look back at a month in music. What treats will await us this month?