Flix of the Month: July 2017

This summer truly is flying by right? We are now into August and I feel like the year is going by so quickly! I have so much more TV Shows and Movies to watch, but for now, it’s time to reflect on my watching history of July 2017.



I’m going to start with TV Shows in this blog because there was a record time spent watching TV Shows last month, a total of 162 episodes was watched!

I think it’s safe to say though that “”Game of Thrones” was the big winner here, having not seen much of it before (I think I tried to watch a couple of episodes in the past) I was keen to get into it with the launch of Season 7 this month. I have done well, and have completed 4 seasons so far! As from today (August 1st) I will be starting to watch Season 5 and then hopefully by the end of this month I will be all caught up and ready to catch up with the newly released Season 7. I am absolutely addicted to the show and I am so glad I kept with it after a slow beginning in Season 1, it became so addictive by like Episode 5 and with each season (so far) it just keeps getting better for me. I can’t believe there will only be one more season after this year’s episodes. Game of Thrones had a total of 38 plays last month, and as you can see from the picture above I spent a day and a half watching the show in total.

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Other TV Shows I watched last month include the final episodes of the Netflix series “Glow” after watching the first half of the show in June. I have also been watching more Friends, it’s been great watching some classic episodes of the show. I have also been catching up with “American Horror Story” which launches its new season (called “Cult”) in September, not long to go now, folks! What TV Shows have you been watching last month?



So as you can imagine, because I watched so much TV last month there wasn’t much time left to watch movies, but there were a few stand out cinema classics which I would like to touch on today.

No movie received more than 1 play last month so essentially there wasn’t a top movie, but I finally got round to watching some new films which were released to cinema this year. I really enjoyed the new “Power Rangers” film, a reboot of the 90’schildren’ss TV Show which I was a massive fan of. They have served the franchise well and it was a great action movie, something to check out if you are a 90’s kid like me.

I watched “The Boss Baby” last month and I was expecting a lot better, it didn’t deliver the comedy which I expected to see and I found it a bit dull. It received a 6/10 rating from me. I also watched Indiana Jones after downloading the films into my collection, “Raiders of The Lost Ark” is a classic movie. I also watched “American Beauty” and “The Lego Batman Movie” which were both great films.

I hope to watch more movies this month, what do you recommend?

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So what do we have to look forward to in August? I had to do a bit of research on this one as August is generally a quiet month in terms of TV Shows, but I found a trailer for a new Netflix serial documentary which looks interesting. It’s all about the Russian doping scandals at the Olympics. Let’s take a look at the trailer and see what we think:


I am always watching things on TV but this is the latest movie or TV Show that I have watched in real time: