CURATED: R&B/Hip-Hop Tracks of the early 1990’s

Are you ready to travel back in time to the early 1990’s? If so, buckle up as it will be a bumpy ride in this time capsule. We are about to go back to the years of 1990-1995 and especially looking at the R&B or Hip-Hop tracks of this era. There were so many great songs around this time, let’s see which ones you remember?

Do you remember the boombox?

As well as your R&B and Hip-Hop tracks which were still popular from the late 80’s, the early 90’s brought with it a new genre called the “New Jack Swing” and this was the prominent type of song you would hear around this time. Let’s take a look at some of the examples of this:

R. Kelly with “She’s Got That Vibe” was a big track in the early 90’s and whatever you may think of him now, he sure was talented, I mean just look at his moves in the video.

Do you remember this one? I imagine you may be scratching your heads with just the title but have a listen and you will remember this, I promise you. Another great early 90’s track.

The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson also features here. His 1991 album “Dangerous” had many R&B cuts and this song, in particular, captures the New Jack Swing sound in all of it’s glory.

This is a very bad quality upload but this song is another big hit of the early 90’s, and much like the next song, you will notice that there was an array of many girl groups around this era.

SWV was also another R&B girl group from around this time, you may remember this big hit from 1992. Other girl groups in this vein around the time include TLC, En Vogue, Brownstone, Jade (as above) and British group Eternal.

Has that brought back some memories for you? I would have only been very young around this time but I remember most of these songs from being on TV (like Top of the Pops for example) and on the radio. SWV’s “Right Here” for example holds some great memories for me from the summer of that time, although it’s weird to think I would have only have been 6!

So let’s take a look at some of the big Hip-Hop and Rap tracks from the era too:

Do you remember any of these?

I think we can safely say that the early 90’s was a fantastic time for both R&B and Hip-Hop music. I feel that this was the golden era for songs of this type and there was so many radio smashes from this time. I have all of the featured songs in my music library and they will now be a part of this new Curated Playlist, where every month I will take a look at a certain era or artist or keyword and see which songs come out of it. The beauty of music is that it takes you back to a time and place with a lot of classic stuff and this era, for me, brings me back to my childhood and it’s filled with so many happy memories.

Next month we will be taking a look at the work of Canadian singer Shania Twain, in anticipation of her new album! She’s only been away for 15 years!