CURATED: Summer | Sun | Sand

It’now July folks so I have a question for you! When you think of the summer, what keywords spring to mind in your head? There’s definitely the sun in there and maybe sand? Let’s face it when the summer is here we all dream of being near the seaside.

For this month’s curated playlist, we are taking those keywords and using them to find titles of songs that feature them; thus having a summer sound. This spans all decades or eras and also all genres, bringing the best of the summer music out there. I have been listening to this playlist a lot recently, and I am sure when I listen to it outside of the summertime it will bring me back to the good memories of the summertimes throughout the years.

So let’s take a look at some of the big hits that give us the sound of the summer, here are some of the songs that are featured in this month’s playlist:

David Guetta released this summer anthem back in 2014 and it’s still one of the best summer tracks out there, and it even has a hint of the old country and western film sounds in there too.

This song is such a summer treat, released all the way back in the 1980’s it is the perfect summer pop tune that will get you immediately reaching for the sun cream and heading to a pool or beach or any body of water really to go and soak in!

Released in 2015, this is another track that has the summer heat wrapped up tight in a 3 minute song, it still sounds fresh today and this is the perfect summer party tune.

Another summer dance track here by The Beach, the perfect addition to your summer playlists and you can’t help but dance along to it. It’s the kind of song that having a cocktail on the beach listening to it would not be out of place.

The last song featured in this month’s blog is “Hot Summer” by German girl band Monrose, released in 2007 it’s a fantastic summer track and it really turns the temperature up a few degrees.

What summer tracks do you enjoy listening to? Do you like the songs featured in this month’s blog? There were a ton more tracks in the playlist I created but these 5 will hopefully give you the idea of the type of song that was featured.

What will next month’s curated playlist consist of? Well, I can reveal that it will be R&B or Hip-Hop tracks of the early 1990’s, so stay tuned for that! I would love to hear your favourite songs from this era.