Prime & Personal Training

I can’t quite believe that we are coming to the end of the month of June, it really has been half a year already and we will now all be counting down to Christmas, which is sadly depressing.

It’s time for a personal blog now before you get three music and entertainment themed blogs on the 1st July (yes, there will be three!). So let’s go…

So, is Amazon Prime really worth it?

I have recently signed up to Amazon Prime, it has taken a lot of convincing for me to do this but they have recently (and finally) added monthly subscriptions rather than paying like £79 in one go for a year, that always put me off I have to say. I have also managed to blag the first month of my membership free with my first payment going out next month, which is great. I am so excited about having Amazon Prime in my life though and here is why:

  • You get free one-day delivery on any order ordered through Amazon and their partners, you also get to share these privileges with other people AND when it launches nationwide you will also be able to make use of the ultra fast delivery which aims to deliver to you two hours after purchasing, cool right?
  • You also have access to Amazon Pantry and soon enough Amazon Fresh. Let’s just say that this is fantastic for household products and food and much like before, will be delivered free of charge and within one day or two hours when launched in my local area. Amazon Fresh will beat the need to ever have to visit a shop again when it launches nationwide also, they are only trailing it at the moment but it means you can get fresh groceries and fruit delivered to you in a heartbeat (almost).
  • You have access to Amazon Prime video, which is like Netflix’s biggest rival. However, I have to say I have been using Amazon Prime Video a lot recently and between that and Netflix there is a massive choice of things to watch. My only gripe is that it doesn’t (and probably will never) support Chromecast which is a big bug bear when trying to view things on the big screen, it works with my Apple TV fantastically though!
  • You can also rent books on Kindle which is great as it means I can get excited about reading books again, there is a great choice from what I can see so far.
  • You can also make use of the Prime Dash buttons where with just one click of a button you can easily order your necessities without the hassle of having to remember to do this at a later time.
  • There are many other things which I probably won’t use like Amazon Drive to act as online storage and Amazon Music (I will always stick to Apple and iTunes for this, thanks) amongst other things.

The amazing thing about all of the above is that it only costs £7.99 per MONTH! Talk about fantastic value, I am so glad I have signed up. By the way, here is a video about those Prime Dash buttons I discussed earlier, as it is hard to explain really:

Getting over the excitement of Amazon Prime I have also recently made good use of free personal training sessions at my local David Lloyd gym. I got a total of 3 taster sessions before they start to charge you for the privilege but I wanted to see what it was all about and used up my free sessions to get my gym routine back into check.

I am really enjoying my Personal Training sessions.

I have recently been neglecting to go to the gym, mainly just going to the venue to make use of the swimming pool instead as I have built up a routine of cycling there and then going swimming before coming home again. I am so glad I took up these sessions though as it has reignited my love of using the equipment in the gym and really feel more confident in there now. I have recently been introduced to a new piece of equipment (which I have forgotten the name of whilst writing – whoops) but basically, it is like a treadmill except you make it move you with the power in your legs. I have been told that it is the most effective equipment in there and it burns a shed load of calories in the process too, you can really feel your legs working and it feels like you are walking on clouds when you come off the machine. It is a fantastic piece of kit, when I remember what it is called I will post it on Twitter but apparently they are exclusive to David Lloyd only and they are VERY popular in my gym, I had just been too scared to use them before I was introduced.

Here is a similar manual treadmill found on YouTube:

I have got myself a brand new routine to stick to and my aim now is to go to the gym three times a week for hour sessions, 40 minutes cardio and then 20 minutes resistance. So far I have been sticking to this routine and now, today is the start of introducing some better eating in my diet. The focus now is PROTEIN, and lots of it. I have to start eating a whole lot more meat. It’s a good job I like it, right? I have also gone back to using the app MyFitnessPal to start a food diary, but my PT (personal trainer) David said not to look at it on a daily basis but to look at it from a weeks perspective, allowing myself to have those days where I may eat too many calories but just making sure the next day balances it out.

Protein is key!

I am extremely happy with my personal training sessions and I am contemplating paying more to keep them up and have personal training sessions per week, what do you think guys? Would you pay £37 per month for four personal training sessions? A bit much? I am on the fence a bit with this but if it gets the results I want and it continues to inspire me then I may be succumbed into parting with this money. So far I have been very impressed with the knowledge, expertise and encouragement my PT has shown me and it feels good to know that somebody has my back too.

So that’s it, for now, folks, I hope you are all having a lovely summer. We have had some fantastic weather here in the UK in the last couple of weeks and I am hoping more of this continues into July, what with my days out to Hyde Park and the New Forest planned. I am really excited to go cycling around the New Forest but I am hoping we have some great weather for some good photo and video material.

Until next time guys, thanks for reading!