The Color Run 2017

The Color Run 2017 event took place yesterday in London, at the Wembley Stadium. I was there in 2016 for the same event, at the same location and with my best friend in tow, and yesterday was no exception.

Everyone was feeling happy yesterday.

The Happiest 5K on the planet…

The slogan for every Color Run event is “The Happiest 5K on the planet” and it really is, you always have so much fun along with like-minded people. You can’t help but have a smile on your face the whole time.

The premise of the event is to basically run or walk a 5K (5km) distance along a designated route and along the way, they have different zones where you get painted (or rather spurted) with colour. The colour dye used is all natural and is the stuff you would find at a Holi Festival too in in India. It is a lot of fun and a lot of people (including me and my friend) always try to get as much colour on us as possible. We may end up looking a mess at the end, but it’s a photogenic mess and it makes for some fantastic photo opportunities.

A coloured selfie with me and my friend.

So yesterday we got there really early and took part in the warm-up event at the starting line. The dark clouds did threaten us a bit, and we did wonder if it would end up raining, but literally, as soon as we took off on the run the sun came out in full glory. It was an amazing moment actually.

We ended up jogging and then walking the 5K route, but then also wanting to do one part of it again so we took a detour half-way through. The five zones this time around were Green colour, Pink colour, a foam zone (more on that later), Orange colour and then Red colour. We were disappointed there was no Blue zone but the colours made us look rather spectacular at the end, and there were also Blue colour packets for the after-party.

The zones are all designated with these rings.

The foam zone was a new zone this year and it was really fun being pelted with foam, but I do have one niggle to mention when it came to this. They should have had the foam zone either at the end as the last zone or as the first zone, as the colours you got pelted with in the first two zones got washed off in the foam. This was the reason me and my friend decided to do one route again as all of the pink and green we had got on us had been washed off, to our dismay.

The new foam zone was great but should have not been half-way through.

We had so much fun and before we knew it we had finished the route, and then it was time to PARTY! They always put on an after-party event too for the people who have finished, where you also get to sample many free things from the companies sponsoring the event. We ate so much YooMoo yoghurt ice lollies yesterday, but they were free and anybody could take as many as they wanted. I also tried some SuperMalt stuff which tasted disgusting, and I can vouch tastes nothing like Maltesers (Thanks, Amy!!).

At the after-party, you also get given colour packs to throw up in the air in time to the music to make for some glorious scenes and we both enjoyed dancing to the music. Everybody was having such a great time, and with the sun out in full swing, it really was such a special moment.


Everybody having a great time at the after-party.


So next year will be the Color Run 2018 and I expect we will be there too, one way or another. I wonder what will change for next year, if anything, and who will sponsor the event.

Here are a few more photos from the event for you to have a gander at, all taken with my GoPro:

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There is also another VLOG in my YouTube collection which you can also watch if you want to get a feel for what goes down at a Color Run event.

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