Mighty Hoopla

So yesterday (04/06/2017) me and my best friend Amy travelled up to London, to Victoria Park where the Mighty Hoopla festival was taking place. This is the first time the festival has been held and it was great fun.

blog-mighty-hooplaUnfortunately, again, sadly, there were more terrorist attacks in this country the night before, in London itself. I can’t believe that this is still happening to innocent people and why on earth was it allowed to happen? Anyway, without getting angry about it, me & Amy collectively said that this would not dampen our spirits and we would still travel to London with positive vibes and spirit. The sun was out in full swing and we picked a great day to go to Victoria Park.

We arrived a little bit too late to see the act that I wanted to see the most, All Saints. There was also very strict security who were literally searching EVERYBODY as they came into the entrance, regardless of whether you had a bag on you or not. This caused delays in the queue so by the time we got into the park the set by All Saints was over. I am not too gutted though as I saw them late last year and they are rumoured to be releasing new material soon, which may spark another nationwide tour. We shall see.

I may have missed All Saints but I am sure I will see them again soon.

There were plenty of different tents around the park, all with different themes. There was also a LOT of different food stalls dotted around, literally anything you could think of and it was there. We spent most of our time in the “Guilty Pleasures” tent where we saw Technotronic perform a medley of their biggest hits, as well as them playing many forgotten pop gems to dance to. We also saw The Artful Dodger, the UK Garage duo who were big in the early 2000’s and spawned the career of Craig David. It was fantastic listening to all of the old garage 2-step tunes and I literally did not dance as much as I did last night before.

Technotronic brought the 90’s dance memories.

The event did feel so much more like a gay pride gathering rather than a pop festival, but to be fair this was all so much better. The festival did not allow anyone under the age of 18 and so you had so many weird and wonderful costumes dotted around, including one girl I saw with Jeremy Corbyn pictures stuck to her breasts, and big flamboyant drag queens dancing all over the place. It was great, and like I mentioned earlier, the spirit there was fantastic and everybody was so happy, dancing to great songs and being in great company of each other. The darkness of the night before would not shadow over this event.

Here are a few photos I took at the event:

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Thanks for reading as always, me and Amy will be getting up to more adventures next weekend when it’s time for the 2017 Color Run. Don’t forget to check back and read all about it.