Music of the Month: May 2017

So you’ve hopefully read my “Flix of the Month” blog but it’s now time to turn our attention to the music that I have been digging in the past month. You know the drill by now, so here we go:


So Katy Perry won my heart last month and her music has been my most played of the month. I have been listening to her new material, from her upcoming album “Witness” released on June 9th as well as listening to some of her older material too. Katy has changed her look completely and has gone for a short pixie haircut which looks fashionably cool, and so does her music. I really can’t wait to check out her new album in full next month and I wouldn’t put it past her to be my most played artist two months in a row.

Also in the Top 10 we see many dance acts including Dash Berlin (#2), The Chainsmokers (#5), Wilkinson (#7) and Borgeous (#9). There have been many fantastic dance albums released recently and just in time for the summer too, all set for those late night parties. Dash Berlin has a follow-up EP to his “We Are, Pt. 1” aptly called “We Are, Pt. 2” and it’s fantastic, bringing the trance sound into 2017.

Steps, who were #1 last month, have dropped to #3 but are still getting a number of plays (120 to be exact), who would have believed it this time last year that they were doing so well and would have new material out there. Ed Sheeran is in the Top 10 for a fifth time in a row, which is a brilliant achievement really. I have played Mr. Sheeran a total of 113 times last month and there is no show of this slowing down anytime soon, will he make it to #1 most played artist of the year? I can reveal that he is way out in front of the competition at the moment.

Now it’s time for…


So the most played album of May 2017 is the EP I mentioned earlier by Dash Berlin, “We Are, Pt. 2”. I absolutely adore this album and it really brought back memories of the late 90’s trance music scene, but with a modern twist. I think both EP’s (there are two parts remember) are brilliant and this is a great follow-up to the original EP released back in 2015.

Last month’s #1 has dropped 1 place to #2, and that is of course Steps. I am still enjoying the classic pop songs on the album and I am really excited to be seeing them in November at The O2. Goldfrapp were last month’s #2 and they have dropped down to this month’s #8 but still has a solid amount of plays to be in the Top 10, 75 in fact.

Katy Perry was my most played artist last month and her new album is due to be released early next month, I have been playing the new tracks (released so far) from it many times which has helped the album enter the Top 10 despite not officially being released. I would imagine this album is one to watch next month as it is very likely to climb quite rapidly unless of course, the other songs are not that great (not likely!).

Now it’s the important time of the blog, the countdown from 10-1 of the most played tracks of May 2017. Y’all ready for this!?


#10 IMRI – I Feel Alive (46 plays)

#9 Lindita – World (49 plays)

#8 Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma (50 plays)

#7 Jana Burčeska – Dance Alone (55 plays)

#6 Norma John – Blackbird (55 plays)

#5 DiHaj – Skeletons (61 plays)

#4 Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois (61 plays)

#3 Blanche – City Lights (64 plays)

#2 Artsvik – Fly With Me (83 plays)

#1 Katy Perry – Bon Appétit (88 plays)

Do you notice a theme or pattern in this month’s Top 10? I certainly do, and that is that 9 out of 10 of the top tracks are all Eurovision 2017 entries. You may recall that I am a huge fan of Eurovision and earlier in the month the contest was held in Kyiv, Ukraine. The winner was Portugal, Salvador Sobral, who only managed to get to #4 in my most played list last month. The most played Eurovision hit was “Fly With Me” by Artsvik, which criminally underperformed in the Grand Final of the contest if you ask me.

Katy Perry has taken the trophy this month with the second cut from her upcoming album “Witness”, “Bon Appétit”. I think the video to this song is a bit gruesome but strangely you can’t stop yourself watching, have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Do you listen to any of the tracks in my Top 10 this month, or have any of those albums mentioned in your playlists? Get in touch, I would love to hear your thoughts! Don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter too where I do reply to all. Click the pic to get you there safely…


See you all next month, enjoy the first month of the Summer!