Flix of the Month: May 2017

It’s June! The Summer is here finally and what a summer it is going to be. Anyway, it’s time for another blog in the Flix of the Month series, and time to look at what I have been watching in the past month.


Movies - May 2017
The 12 most watched movies of May 2017.

So according to the stats, the film “The Secret Life of Pets” was my most watched movie last month with a total of 3 plays. To be fair, I can’t believe I watched it this much, it’s a good film but was surprised to see I enjoyed it that much that I ended up watching it 3 times. I also watched “Fifty Shades Darker” twice, the sequel to 2015’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I also recently watched “Rings” which I also enjoyed, the film being a reboot of the 2002 movie “The Ring”.

Other movies I watched last month included “Finding Dory” which I purposely put on to watch on a very sad day, I needed something light-hearted to lighten my mood. I always enjoy watching Ellen DeGeneres and I love the humour that she brings to the film. Weirdly, I also watched the “Mamma Mia” film the day before the announcement that there will be a sequel out in 2018, “Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again”. I am really excited about the new film and I do wonder what ABBA songs will be included in the new film.

A blast from the past came in the form of “Casper” which I also checked out last month, a kids movie which I watched at the cinema in the mid-1990’s. You can really tell this film is aimed more at kids but I have always been a fan of Christina Ricci and it was great seeing her in a film again.


TVShows-May 2017
The 12 most watched TV Shows of May 2017.

On to TV Shows now and my most watched was “Modern Family” which also topped the list of top TV Shows in March 2017. I have been trying to catch up on so many series as I have been lagging behind in recent times. I am now up to the beginning of Season 8, which was the last broadcast season to date. I am getting there!

I have also enjoyed watching the new series of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Master of None” which have been released on Netflix in the last month. I thought “Master of None” in particular was really good and is worth checking out if you have Netflix, it’s a comedy, a dark comedy but it also interjects some serious subjects about the world we live in today. The main man in the show, Aziz Ansari, is brilliant and is one of the best US Comedians around today.

Talking of comedy, I have also been watching Inside Amy Schumer in bulk as I am trying to catch up on the different seasons throughout the years. Lucking I can download TV Shows on demand using Sky Q and I have been using that for many shows like “Inside Amy Schumer” and also “Baskets” which stars Zach Galifianakis who was in “The Hangover”. I love the show and again, it has that dark humour undertone which really seems to appeal to me.

On a final note, I just wanted to discuss how brilliant the third season of “Black Mirror” was. I caught up on the third season earlier in the month, which was produced especially for Netflix. I absolutely loved every single episode and they were all so nerve-wracking and tense to watch. The show is set in a “parallel universe” but it feels so real to the events of the world today, it does make you think about your steps in the world and how technology is evolving our species. If there is one show out of the 12 featured that I would recommend watching, “Black Mirror” would be it!


So that’s that then, before I go I think it’s worth a mention about the exciting show of June 2017. Yes, it’s the return of “Orange Is The New Black” and I cannot wait to watch the new fifth season, released to Netflix on the 9th June.

Here is the trailer: