Eurovision 2017 Blog: Day 7 (+ Podcast)

Well, that’s it. Eurovision is all over for another year, but what a fantastic result it was last night. From the opening bars of “Amar Pelos Dois” you can tell that this is a fantastic song, with stunning musicality and emotion. It was no wonder really that Portugal won the show by a landslide. Salvador Sobral is the name of the singer who brought the first ever victory to Portugal, and what a victory it was, the first win in over 50 years of participating.

Let’s take a look at the winning entry once again…

I had tears on Tuesday when he performed it in the Semi-Final and again last night in the Grand Final, such a stunning song. I am also really happy that a non-English song has gone on to win as well, after so many countries abandoning their own lovely languages to sing in English at Eurovision. This was “a victory for real music with feeling” as Salvador put it last night.

This isn’t to disregard any of the other entries last night as there were so many great songs, and all of the singers should be proud of what they accomplished.


Lisbon 2018?

So, the contest is heading to Portugal next year and will most likely be held in Lisbon at the MEO Arena, which will also make it the most Western contest yet. So much for people always using the excuse that Eastern European countries always win or do well. I will, of course, be there next year. I only missed out this year due to me believing that the contest in Ukraine would not work as there were so many factors going wrong in the lead up to tickets being sold, how wrong was I!? Ukraine did a fantastic job this year and all of my friends have praised the city of Kyiv and it’s people, how gutted am I that I didn’t go? Not next year though, friends. Lisbon better watch out as I will be there in style next year, I already have hotel rooms booked for three different weeks in May 2018, just waiting for the confirmation from the EBU as to which week it will be.


Before we say goodbye once and for all to the 2017 season, me and André (from ESCObsession) got together to discuss the full results of the three shows this year in podcast format. You can take a listen below:

There is only one thing left to say now really and that is thank you for reading my blogs, more of which will come in the 2018 season and will hopefully be doing a live blog (and vlog) next year when I will be covering the contest in person. I am also toying with the idea of setting up a separate blog/website to discuss all Eurovision themed events but we shall see what happens with that over the summer!

“Back to life, back to reality…”

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