Eurovision 2017 Blog: Day 4

Wow, those results were not what I was expecting at all. We now have our 26 finalists picked for the Grand Final on Saturday night and ladies and gentlemen, amongst them is the winner of this year’s Eurovision contest. Who is it going to be?


First, let’s take a look at who I predicted would get through against who actually made it:











So that’s 7/10 that I predicted correctly, the other 3 qualifiers this evening were:




You can watch the full qualifiers announcement below, it was extremely tense throughout:

There were some more fantastic performances tonight and I think everybody performed really well, but there could only ever be 10 winners.

We now have the final line-up of the 26 countries in the Grand Final, who do you think is going to win? The running order of the 26 countries will be revealed shortly after midnight tonight but we will discuss this more in detail tomorrow in my next blog. What is interesting though is that the two big favourites of the competition (Italy and Portugal) are both performing in the 1st half of the Grand Final, which is seen to be the worst half of the two. Bulgaria, who is my tip to win the whole show (more on that tomorrow) will be performing in the second half, I think we should start getting ready to fly to Sofia next year, which would be ideal as I have always wanted to visit there.

Don’t forget that tomorrow will be Podcast #3 where me and André (from ESCObsession) will be discussing our predictions for the Grand Final as well as giving our thoughts on all of the performances, seeing as we have now seen every single participant perform at least a part of their show. We will be going live at 2pm GMT.

Thanks for reading this short, but sweet update and see you next time!

All photos courtesy of Eurovision.TV