Eurovision 2017 Blog: Day 3 (+Podcast)


I still cannot get over the results of last night, it is unfathomable to me that Finland didn’t make it through to the final over the likes of Greece, Poland and Australia. I really want to see the full breakdown of results on Sunday morning, but for now I will say that Finland will probably be 11th overall.

The EBU Press Conference took place today where the bigwigs of the competition hold a press conference to discuss the show and it is also interesting to read about the plans for the next contest too. This time around, they are not announcing preliminary dates for the 2018 contest which means that fans (like myself) won’t be able to pre-book hotels and flights in advance until the dates are set in stone. It is also annoying as I can’t book the annual leave until these dates are announced too. They will likely announce these dates next month in June. There is also the 2018 World Cup too so I would imagine they would want to try and avoid clashing with that as much as possible.

Now it’s time to think forwards to the upcoming 2nd Semi-Final, which is going to be broadcast live tomorrow night. Me and André (from ESCObsession) did another podcast earlier today discussing our thoughts for the upcoming show and who we think the winners and losers will be. You can take a listen to the podcast on YouTube right now on the following link:

Me and André totally forgot to give our definitive list of qualifiers of who we think will qualify so I will list these now, do you agree with my choices?











The competition is hotting up more and more and Saturday night’s final is going to be very tense. I still don’t see Italy winning the competition despite being the bookies favourite, and I think Portugal is going to go far on the scoreboard.