Eurovision 2017 Blog: Day 2

Well, how great was that? Did you watch the 1st Semi-Final? What did you think of the results?

Let’s see how I did with my predictions from yesterday in the Podcast against who actually made it through:











So I guessed 6 of them right, which is pretty low to be fair. The other four qualifiers were SWEDEN, AUSTRALIA, GREECE and POLAND.

The show was absolutely fantastic and despite a couple of technical issues (as there always are in a live show) it was great. I was absolutely gutted that Finland didn’t make it though as tonight was the night I fell in love with the song. I also have to admit that Portugal performed amazingly tonight, so much in fact that it actually made me shed a tear, the show performance is so emotional. I honestly think that Portugal is the one to beat this year, even more so than the current favourite Italy. Oh, how I would love Portugal to win, they haven’t won since they first started participating, all the way back in 1964. In fact, the highest they have ever achieved is 6th in the Grand Final, what a comeback it would be if Salvador for Portugal went all the way and won it! I am currently rooting for him now.

What did you make of the show? Who were your favourites? Did the right songs qualify? Please get in touch!


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