Eurovision 2017 Blog: Day 1 (+Podcast)

Hey guys, so today (May 8th) is actually Day 2 of Eurovision week, but to make matters easier I am referring to today being Day 1 in my upcoming blog series!

Yesterday was the day of the Opening Ceremony of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest where all of the 42 participating countries attended the ceremony and also walked the longest Eurovision event red carpet on record. It was a fabulous affair and so many of the singers looked like runway models showcasing the best in fashion right now, it was great. You can catch up on the Opening Ceremony in the next video…


So today is the date of the Dress Rehearsals of the 1st Semi-Final, with the National Juries of 21 countries voting tonight, which accounts for 50% of their total scores for tomorrow. The pressure is really on to do well and to sing their best if they are to get a good ranking here. I will post my 1st Semi-Final qualifiers (there will be 10 in total) predictions in tomorrow’s blog, but why don’t you take a listen to a podcast I was involved with earlier today. I do warn you, it’s an hour long and the topic for discussion is pure and utter EUROVISION.

I would like to thank André from ESCObsession for joining me on my first podcast, it was a bit of an eye opener. Things will get better during the week though as we also have podcasts set for 2pm on Wednesday and Friday as well. Don’t forget to subscribe if you would like to see more!