Aquadromes & New Bikes

What a glorious couple of days it has been, the sun has been out and it has made me feel really excited about the summer coming very soon.

Yesterday (May 5th) I went with my best friend to the Rickmansworth Aquadrome (which I found out is basically another word for water-park) and we had such a great time. We went for a long hike around the lakes and got some lovely photos of different birds, and different scenes. There is also a lovely canal to walk adjacent to with a variety of canal boats, which each had their own character. It was a lovely day out and best of all, it was all completely free. There is not even a charge to park in the car park, exactly how it should be in our nature parks. We’ve said we would like to go back in the summer and possibly hire a Kayak, now that would be an adventure!

Here are some photos of the day:

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Yesterday I also had confirmation that my new bike has been approved through my work’s Cycle To Work scheme and will be due for collection from my local store today (May 6th). As you may know, I used to love my old road bike and when I first got it I went out cycling a lot. I got a bit tired of it after a while but only because, as it was a road bike, a number of punctures it used to acquire used to annoy me. It got to the point that once I had got a tyre repaired, I would go out on it again and then it would get another puncture right there and then. It was because of this that made me re-evaluate the type of bike that I needed for long term use, and I needed thicker tyres. I then sold my old bike on Gumtree and decided that I needed to get a Hybrid bike, and luckily my place of work offered a new Cycle To Work scheme which started on the 24th April. I put my application in, and I am pleased to say that it got approved and it will mean that payments for the bike go straight out of my salary too, which is another hassle I don’t need to worry about. I picked up the bike in the afternoon and after a brief ride on it before work I can tell you that I am very impressed. I love that Halfords also offers a Free service check after 6 weeks too, I have definitely picked a winner here.

Here is a couple of photos take after my first maiden voyage on my new bike:

I love my new bike!

Sweaty after my first ride on the bike!
Finally, and you knew this was coming, the last thing I wanted to discuss is Eurovision. There will be daily blogs starting this Monday, including the exciting podcasts which I am collaborating with EscObsession on. This time next week we will be working our way up to the Grand Final and then we will know our new winner, taking the trophy from Jamala. I am gutted that I am not there myself in person this year but this will not be the case next year, and I have already booked free cancellation rooms in different cities in the countries that are likely to win (I will discuss these in an upcoming blog!). Basically, to all you Eurovision fans out there, enjoy the next week and let’s hope for a great winner next Saturday. If you would like to tune in for the live podcast, we will be live streaming at 2pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can catch all of the action on my YouTube channel!

Thank you for reading and catch you soon to discuss yet more adventures!