Site Identity Crisis

Yes, I have updated the theme of my blog yet again. I have wanted to make my blog look a lot more minimalistic than usual and so I have now done away with all of the bits you don’t need to see on the front page and changed it to look more like an Instagram feed with photos for each blog. What do you think?

As you all know, I have stopped writing my New Music Friday blog posts and instead, I am posting weekly music reviews on the sister site Talk About Pop Music. I will still continue to write up monthly Music of the Month blogs and the new Flix of the Month blogs as per usual but there will be a change in how they look going forward, basically, I am dropping the logos from the main image.

There are a lot of new things happening over the next few months as I will also be collaborating with Eurovision fan site ESC-Obsession on all things Eurovision and I cannot wait to participate in a few podcasts next week with André, who runs the site. I will be posting daily blogs on here as well regarding all things Eurovision, so stay tuned for that. I am really jealous of everybody out in Kyiv at the moment, I can’t believe I decided on not going this year but like in 2015, I am more determined to go next year instead, wherever the contest ends up. Regarding the podcasts, I am hoping there will be live streams on my YouTube channel for you to watch live with us, they will start next Monday at 2pm UK time!

I would like to thank everybody reading this for bearing with me as we go into yet another new chapter, I am basically doing this to make the focus of this site on my adventures and things that I get up to, and I am sure you will agree that the site already looks a lot better than it did before. You can also click the menu button to get to all of my categories or the search function, as well as looking through my recent Twitter and Instagram posts to your liking!

Thanks for reading and come back for more soon!

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