Flix of the Month: April 2017

I watched a lot of Flix last month, according to my stats I watched 125 shows and 40 movies in total during April 2017. Let’s have a look at some of the best things out there to watch, starting with…


The 12 most watched movies of April 2017.

So “La La Land” was released on Blu-Ray and DVD last month and it was definitely worth a watch, considering it had a few Oscar nods earlier in the year. The first time I watched I did think it was a great film, with great cinematography but I did think I had to watch it again, so I did, and I am glad I did as it made me appreciate it so much more.

I also checked out “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and also thought that was a superb movie, again with fantastic production and a gripping storyline. It did take a while to get going but when it does, it really does, and the last hour is so good! I really cannot wait for the 8th instalment of the Star Wars saga, due out in December this year. Have you guys seen the first trailer for it yet?

You may remember that the little numbers in the corners of the Movie posters are my ratings of the films, and sadly I did not like “Guardians of the Galaxy” so much, it only received a 3-star rating. I gave it a go as a friend recommended it to me, but I really zoned out and got bored through it, not a good sign. I do like Chris Pratt though. He also starred in the 2016 film “Passengers” which was released to cinemas back in December, and that film is definitely worth checking out, it’s a great Sci-Fi film which also feels really realistic, but set in the future and has a great storyline to go with it. It reminded me of “The Fifth Element” which I also re-watched last month.


The 12 most watched TV Shows of April 2017.

“Broadchurch” was my most played TV Show of April 2017, and I have to admit before last month I had never watched the show. There was so much hype surrounding the series that I had to download all of the series’ so far from Sky Q and watch them all in sequence, and boy, what a great drama series it is! I was gripped the entire way through each series. If you haven’t already seen the show then go and check it out now, it is a fine British Drama and really showcases our talent in both acting, screen-writing and directing. I even had to watch an episode again as it was so good, I had to look out for bits I had missed the first time!

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” is at #2, another show I have grown to love in recent years. This year, Netflix are showing the brand new series as it airs in the US and this is really good news for UK fans. I sat through all of Season 8 and I am now on to Season 9 (the current season) and I am loving it so far. I can’t believe Charlie Hides has already gone home and Eureka in crutches?, I was in hysterics!

“13 Reasons Why” was another big new series that I touched on last month, there is a lot of hype surrounding it right now and rightly so, such a fantastic show tackling issues with mental health and suicide, but for all of the right reasons. If you have Netflix, it is well worth putting this show in your list and watching when you can, some fantastic acting too from some new American talent. They are already discussing a second season for next year, but not sure how they can continue you it after the final episode, we’ll see I guess!

Just another final mention to yet another fantastic drama series, “Big Little Lies”. The show started last month but concluded this month after 7 episodes. What a fantastic ending, I. DID. NOT. SEE. THAT. COMING! A must watch for you thriller fans out there, and of course, the acting in the show comes from some big names you might recognise… Nicole Kidman? Reese Witherspoon? You may have heard of them!

Anyway, that’s enough of last month, but what is there to look forward to next month? I am currently looking forward to seeing these…

The 3rd Season of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is about to start.

Another new Netflix series, this time it’s the 2nd season of “Master of None”. I really enjoyed the first season.

I probably won’t be seeing this until it’s out of cinemas but this looks so funny, Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn starring in the comedy movie “Snatched”. This looks like a must-see!

And how could you forget, starting May 7th, it’s EUROVISION WEEK!!

That is literally all I will watch during that week, you have been warned!