1 Month Until Eurovision!

Yes, there is only 1 month to go until it’s the night of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, being broadcast live from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am, of course, excited and I cannot wait to see how it goes in the week of the contest with the two semi-finals to look forward too. Everything is now coming together rather nicely and this year’s stage is also now prepared and ready for some great performances next month.

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Unfortunately, this year’s contest has so far been marred by political playground bickering, which I won’t get into. I am trying to remain positive that this year’s contest will be fantastic, and actually, I know it will be. Never has there been such a strong line-up of songs, and a lot of this year’s songs are so indistinguishable from the music you would hear on the radio right now, that is no negative by the way.

Like I have previously mentioned, I won’t be in Kyiv this year, and it’s now starting to creep up on me the feeling of sadness that I won’t be there, but it was a good decision that I made to not go, especially as it makes me even more excited for next year, wherever the contest may end up.

All is not lost though, as I have decided that instead of being stuck at home by myself to watch the show, I will instead head over the border to France where in many cinemas throughout the country, the show will be broadcast on a big screen and with fantastic sound too, just exactly how I would want it to be. It’s the second best thing to being there in person, and it will keep that excitement going for me. I think France think they are on to a winner with this year’s song, as they are putting in a crazy amount of effort to promote the contest in the country, I do still think they have a chance as well as their song “Requiem” is fantastic.

So what or who are you excited to see next month? Have you even heard the songs taking part? If not, why not? There is a fantastic bunch of songs this year and if you want to be teased a bit more about what to expect, why not check out my Top 43 (although now Top 42 with Russia withdrawing) by clicking the link below:

I will be writing blogs about Eurovision during Eurovision week, so look out for those.