A Trip To Edinburgh

What a fantastic week it has been, it has been real action packed as I also went to Legoland last weekend before heading to Edinburgh for three days this past Monday.

So I am no stranger to Edinburgh, I last visited the capital city of bonnie Scotland back in 2014 and before then visited a few times as a kid when I lived just up the road in the county of Fife. I hold some dear memories of these times from my childhood and going to Scotland always feels like going home for me, despite the fact I am not a true Scottish man. In a way though, I do have Scottish heritage as my mum is through and through Scottish and so is her side of the family, so I guess that is why I think of it as home.

Anyway, going off topic there, I visited Edinburgh this week with two good friends of mine, Hannah and Gill who I know from my college days. We still remain good friends to this day and we wanted to get a nice break somewhere to explore a city or place and get away from home. Edinburgh was suggested and because I always will hold a special place in my heart for the city I jumped at the chance to go with them.

We booked flights with EasyJet and also booked a self-catering apartment with two bedrooms in the heart of Edinburgh to stay in. The apartment was a steal and was a bargain, and what a bargain it was as the place was fantastic and we all wanted to call it our home and never leave. The two girls shared the bigger bedroom and I had a bedroom all to myself, along with a very swanky bathroom (with separate bath and shower units) as well as a huge living space with a kitchen in that space too. I was also very impressed with the Nest thermostat which controlled the temperature in the place, the tech nerd inside me was so excited by this!


One of the bedrooms we stayed in.

On the 1st day, we took an early morning flight to Edinburgh from London Gatwick so that we could use a day up in Edinburgh to cram in more things to do. So, when we got there we took the tram to the centre of Edinburgh and found where our apartment was. We then dumped our suitcases and then headed to the city centre, to explore where we will be staying. We ended up walking up the steep hill to Edinburgh Castle (instead of taking the main road route – goodness knows why) and then paid the extortionate price of £16 to explore the castle. Believe me, as good as the place is, it is definitely not worth a £16 price tag. From there, we decided that we wanted to go on a ghost bus tour around the main sites of Edinburgh and it turned out to be so much fun, especially as my friend got very spooked in a graveyard we stopped at along the way. The ghost bus tour in Edinburgh was so much better than the one I went on in London last year and I would definitely recommend it. After being scared to our heart’s content, we found a bar which is disguised as a barber shop to have a couple of cocktails in. You even have to open a bookcase to get into it, talk about kooky!

Edinburgh Castle is so beautiful but pricey.

After a good nights sleep, it was time for day 2 in the city. We had a lot already booked and planned for this day already. We started off with a nice French breakfast before heading to the Edinburgh Dungeon. This was so much fun and also had a £16 price tag, but it was a price tag that felt like it had so much more value to it. The tour and the rides in the dungeons were so much fun and actually scary, we all had a great time in there. My friend (the same one who got spooked in the graveyard) got accused of being a witch and was about to be hung to death in one scene, but it was OK as of course this is only a tour and luckily we are not in the Middle Ages anymore. We did take the mick out of her for the rest of the day though and I bet she got annoyed with us constantly referring to her as a witch all day, oh well. We then had lunch and then went to a cat café where we had hot chocolate and tea whilst in the company of about 10 cats. They were all so cute and despite a few of them being tired and sleepy, it was great to pet them and have them come sit with you. I made one friend in the form of a sphinx cat called Elodie, who was so cute! Is it wrong that I wanted to try and sneak her out and take her home? The final thing of the day was to visit the Camera Obscura museum right next to Edinburgh Castle, what a great find this is. The place is full of illusions and interactive items that you take part in and it is so interesting as well as fun. I think the funniest thing was the feature that you could see yourself as a baby, a woman, a man, as an elder and also as a chimp. We all had a laugh at our portraits in this way, I actually think I would make a beautiful woman!

The sphinx cat called Elodie

On the third and final day, we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves, but it was weird as we kept walking around and finding unique and weird places to visit. The first of these was the Frankenstein bar and restaurant which is dedicated to all things to do with Frankenstein himself. Our holiday seemed to be horror themed really, as every day we had done things which were all a bit scary in one way or another. Whilst we were eating our lunch here, there was a show where Frankenstein gets up from his slumber and looks at you. Yeah, a bit worrying really as you’re eating your fish and chips. We also found a cool retro sweets shop and a retro dress store where we all dressed up in many costumes and hats throughout the course of history. The 70’s and 80’s dresses were pretty cool to see. We then made our slow approach back to Edinburgh airport where we waited to head home. These were sad times. I don’t think any of us wanted the trip to end as we had so much fun.

We found Greyfriars Bobby on our walk too!

So there you go, that was that really. Here are a few more pictures from our trip which I took with my fantastic Nikon camera. It’s all back to reality tomorrow for me though as I go back to work after a week off, what a week it has been though!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and watch out for more adventures coming soon! Before you go, check out our Edinburgh VLOG which has been recently uploaded to my YouTube channel…