Music of the Month: March 2017

Here we are once again, you know how this blog works by now. Let’s get started with the Top 10 artists of March 2017…


So Mr. Ed Sheeran, you are unstoppable. He has been played so many times already this year already (425 times to be precise) and this month is no exception, totalling 206 plays in last month alone. I would imagine this would be down to the fact that he released his third studio album “÷” this month, but I could be wrong. Will that album also be my #1?

In the Top 10 this month we also see Goldfrapp, who I saw perform live a couple of weeks ago in Oxford. They were fantastic and only yesterday (31st March) their new album was finally released. I would imagine at time of publishing that I have not been able to check out the album fully due to work and other commitments but on my time off next week I fully intend to listen to the album and give my thoughts, don’t forget to look out for my review over on

Måns Zelmerlöw is still in my Top 10 and I cannot wait to see him perform live later this month in London. Zara Larsson is my #4 most played artist last month after the release of her second album “So Good”. Also in the Top 10 there is Bruno Mars, Demy, Cher, Aaron Carter and Little Big Town.

Finally, I just want to welcome back the pop group Steps who are my #5 most played artist last month. They are back after a 5-year hiatus and have brand new material which is being released later this month as well. Not only that, they will be going on tour (along with the Vengaboys) in November and December and I am so happy as me and my friend will be going to see them at The O2 on the 24th November. I saw them at The O2 back in 2012 as well but this time around we have much better seats, I am so excited!


So yeah, no surprise there really but Ed Sheeran’s third studio album “÷” is my most played album for the second month on the trot, will he make it to the top for a third month? The album is fantastic and I am well and truly an Ed Sheeran fan now. I can’t stop playing the album and it has so many car friendly songs, songs which you can put on in the car and easily sing along to.

New entries in the Top 10 this month come from Zara Larsson with her second album “So Good”, Aaron Carter with his EP “LØVË” (which is brilliant by the way!), Little Big Town with “The Breaker”, Borgeous with “13” and weirdly Bruno Mars with his 2012 album “Unorthodox Jukebox”. I really have no idea why this album has had so many plays this month, I think I must have left it on repeat or something whilst going to sleep, but hey it’s a great album and even though it’s old, it is still worth listening to.

Adele is still racking in a ton of plays, even after 16 months since the album “25” was released. It’s one of those albums you can listen to when you want to mellow out or belt your voice out to, it’s great for every occasion really.

Don’t forget you can check out all of these albums on Apple Music or Spotify.


Let’s have a countdown of March’s biggest tracks, it was fiercely competitive last month and there are many Eurovision related songs knocking about so here we go…
#10 SVALA – Paper – 38 plays

SVALA is the Icelandic representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. I have been listening to this track non-stop and I hope that it will bring Iceland their best result in years. We shall see.
#9 Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You – 38 plays

Lucie Jones is back in the Top 10 this month, with a revamped version of the song “Never Give Up On You”, which is representing us, the United Kingdom in the Eurovision contest this year. I actually think this is going to do well for us.
#8 Lana Del Rey – Love – 39 plays

Still in the Top 10 this month is Lana Del Rey with her fantastic song ‘Love” which I can’t get enough of.
#7 Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm – 40 plays

Down from last week’s #1 is Katy Perry with her big new single “Chained To The Rhythm”, and yes the video is really that mad. Go check it out.
#6 Steps – Scared Of The Dark – 41 plays

The video hasn’t been released for this one yet but I am absolutely loving this comeback song from Steps. The song even managed to get to #1 in the download charts but unfortunately only peaked at #37 in the official combined UK chart, mainly down to streaming. Hey Ho, I love the song and cannot wait for the new album and the video (which is due to be released soon).
#5 Ilinca (feat Alex Florea) – Yodel It! – 42 plays

Addictive earworm alert, this song will be stuck in your head all day. This is, of course, the Romanian entry for Eurovision this year and it features cheesy lyrics about coffee and also some yodelling. You have to hear it to believe it, trust me. All aboard the yodel train!
#4 Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On – 43 plays

The winner of this year’s Melodifestivalen and Sweden’s representative at Eurovision. This was my second favourite in the Swedish contest this year and wanted it to win out of all of the entries in the final (more on that later). He is so gorgeous, don’t you think? Don’t forget you can watch the full videos by clicking the photos.
#3 Demy – This Is Love – 44 plays

Demy, who is representing Greece at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has had a ton of plays for this catchy song. I really hope it does well for Greece after not qualifying to the final last year.
#2 Loreen – Statements – 46 plays

Climbing one place to this month’s #2, is “Statements” by Loreen. The song, which in my opinion, should have won Sweden’s Melodifestivalen contest. However, the song was knocked out in the Andra Chansen final, criminally if you ask me. This would probably have been a Eurovision winner had it been selected.
#1 Blanche – City Lights – 54 plays

So here we are then, #1 most played track of March 2017. This is the Belgian entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and I do think that possibly, just possibly, we may have found a winner here. I absolutely adore this song and love how it sounds so contemporary and a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on today’s radio. There is still time for the song to blow up big though, and I expect after the big performance in May this song may do well in our charts over here. Have a listen and see what you think for yourselves.

Thanks for reading, join me next month for more.