New Music Friday: 24/03/2017

It’s the 24th March and apart from being my best mates 40th birthday (Happy Birthday Amy), it is also the first blog in my new series NMF (New Music Friday). In this blog, I will discuss new releases in the music world which I recommend you to go and check out and also look back at my week in music from the past seven days. So let’s get cracking.

This week we see new releases from Take That, Trey Songz and James Blunt amongst others, although these are the three new album releases that I will be discussing today.

Take That – Wonderland


Take That are returning again with their latest album “Wonderland”, which is actually their 8th studio album to date. Take That also have a new musical coming out later this year, which they recently used the TV Show “Let It Shine” to find the 5 boyband members who will play their parts in the musical. If the album is anything like lead single “Giants”, then I think we can expect a triumphant return from the band. Here is the single for your entertainment…

Trey Songz – Tremaine


Trey Songz has released his 7th studio album today, called “Tremaine”. I saw him on tour supporting Mariah Carey last year and since then have been listening to a load of his back catalogue. I can’t wait to soak my ears with this recent release of his and I am hoping for some great R&B Slow Jams for the soulful nights. His most recent single, “She Lovin It” is a great R&B track if that floats your boat and is worth checking out, here is the video.

James Blunt – The Afterlove


Finally, we come on to James Blunt. If you don’t recall who he is, let me remind you. “You’re Beautiful, You’re Beautiful… it’s true”. Ringing some bells now? Yes, this is the ex-British Army officer who brought us the most annoying hit of 2005. Well, some people found it annoying and others really enjoyed it, and James still has a loyal fan base today. Would you believe it, this is actually his 5th album to date and he is still going strong, his last album “Moon Landing” peaked at #2 on the Official UK Albums Chart in 2013 and this new album is expected to do well also. Here is the latest single in video form from him to watch…

So I will give these three albums a good listen over the next week and see what I think of each offering, is there any that you are excited to hear also? Talking of which, this brings me to my next feature, what have I been listening to the most in the past week? Let’s have a look…

Most Played Artist

Goldfrapp had a total of 84 plays last week

No surprise there really, with the hype of seeing them on their latest promotional tour, it was no wonder that Goldfrapp was the leader of the pack. I absolutely adore them.

Most Played Album

Zara Larsson – So Good had 68 plays last week

The Swedish singer Zara Larsson (who is everywhere at the moment) released her sophomore album last Friday and since then I have been clocking up the plays. The album is literally so good and is pure pop perfection, go check it out!

Most Played Song

Demy is this year’s representative for Greece at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May. I have found myself listening to this song more and more recently, it has finally grown on me. In my ranking video the other day you may have noticed that this only came in at number 23 but I am seriously regretting that. It’s funny how you can change opinion on songs so easily. Anyway, this was my most played song in the last week with 28 plays in total. Will it be featured in my upcoming Music of the Month blog? Stay tuned to find out.

Thank you for reading my first ever New Music Friday blog and watch out for next week’s edition where I can finally listen to the new Goldfrapp album and can see whether any of this week’s releases have been my most played. I am particularly excited to listen to the new Take That album in full!