An Airbnb Adventure

Hello everyone, yeah I know, yet another blog, but this one is a good one. I promise. I am currently writing this from my room which I am renting via Airbnb currently. This is the first time I have used Airbnb and so far, it has impressed me, in fact, blown me away with how impressive it is. You can argue that it depends on who the person you are renting from is, and what they are like as a host, but I am impressed at just the overall package from Airbnb and how easy they have made everything for me.

So I am in York, a city that I have always wanted to visit, due to its medieval origins and the fact that is often voted one of the nicest places in the UK to visit. I bagged a brilliant deal through Airbnb, with 20% off on top of that as I was a new member, to stay on a houseboat on the River Ouse on the outskirts of York. I thought to myself, this has to be done, I have heard many people rave about Airbnb and how good they are but I always had my reservations, but I decided to give it a go.

For those of you who don’t know, Airbnb is like the Uber of hotels or rentals in general, whether that be tents or treehouses or rooms or like what I got, house boats. The owner or host of the certain place you are renting lists it on Airbnb and then you can choose to rent this way if you wish, that’s if you don’t use a hotel anyway. Airbnb has all sorts of quirky places that you can rent and use, and they have recently introduced an Adventures page too where you can purchase an Adventure, something put together and tailor-made for your needs. I was sceptical because I didn’t really think it would work well for me, I like to keep myself to myself on trips away and have my own space and I hate feeling like I am intruding in somebody else’s home. To date, even though I could have quite easily, I have not even met the host of this houseboat, but we have contacted via text, that’s how easy and relaxed the whole process is. Not only that, the host knew what I wanted from the trip and my expectations, he gave me a permit to park on his road in central York (which would have been expensive to park otherwise), arranged complimentary breakfasts at the cafe near here, and even had the fridge stocked up with things to eat and drink. I mean honestly, can it get better than that? The only thing he couldn’t change was the weather, it was really horrible rain earlier, but it didn’t dampen my day going around York.

So yeah, York. York is a fantastic city and I recommend it to anybody who likes their history and architecture, the people here are so lovely and relaxed too and would go out of their way to help you, a rare charm to find here in the UK. Unfortunately, the place I wanted to visit, the Jorvik Viking Museum is currently closed for renovation, which I didn’t know about prior to my visit, it is currently due to be re-opened in early April so I am only just missing out. I did get to visit the York Castle Museum, though, as well as the National Rail Museum, York Minster and I was tempted to go to the York Dungeons, but a £16.95 entry fee put me off. It doesn’t even have a ride! (the London one does!). I had a great day in the city and finished it off by seeing the brand new Beauty and The Beast live-action film which was released in cinemas last week, I can’t even remember the last time I went to the cinema before today. I knew I had to do that though as one of my earliest memories as a child is going to the cinema in St. Andrews, Scotland to see the original Beauty and The Beast film – such pleasant memories.

I am gutted as at the time of writing this, it’s nearly time for me to pack my bags and head home. I have become so attached to this little houseboat, it is so snug, comfortable and relaxing here and not to mention warm. Here was me thinking that it was going to be cold and possibly damp, being on a river but it is definitely far from that. I really recommend you check out the houseboat if you can and if you can, come visit here, as it is so much cheaper than staying in the heart of York in a hotel. You can check out the official website for The Ark (the name of the houseboat) by clicking here. You can check out some of my photos of the houseboat below…

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So plan for tomorrow? Well, driving back down South mainly but I will be making a couple of stops on the way down. One of them? Yes, I will be heading to the place where Emmerdale is filmed, which I hear is around here. I am hoping for just a little bit of sunshine, that would be nice. I should probably go get some sleep right now.