Goldfrapp Live

Last night I traveled to Oxford to see the electronica band Goldfrapp perform live, this was the second time I saw them live and they proved to be even more impressive than the first time I saw them.

Goldfrapp are back!

The mood has shifted with this new album and material that they are producing, on their last album “Tales of Us” the mood was very soft and calming, with an album full of chill-out tracks you could easily listen to late at night or when you need to focus. This time around though, the image, the persona, the mood is very much hard and gritty, and of course electronic! This is the sound that Goldfrapp are very much known for, especially as their biggest hits to date “Strict Machine”, “Ooh La La”, “Number 1” etc are all in the same vein. This is not to disregard their mellow material, as there is a time and place for that, but this type of music is where Goldfrapp truly shine and this was completely proven last night when they put on a stellar show and performance.

Goldfrapp, as you may know, are made up of singer Alison Goldfrapp (yes that is her name!) and producer Will Gregory, and together they come out with the most fantastic tracks, with great songwriting and vocals alike, it is not hard to see why I am a huge fan. I was buzzing to see them live last night, and this is all in preparation for their new album which is about to be released in just over a week, on the 31st March. Believe me, that date, for me, cannot come quickly enough!

The new album “Silver Eye” is out on March 31st!

Whilst writing this, I have listened to Goldfrapp a total of 3,537 times and my most played album of theirs is actually “Seventh Tree”, which is one of their softer albums. “Seventh Tree” was their first departure from their heavy electronica sound and they went for a more natural sound, you literally feel like you are in the middle of a woodland with the animals whilst listening to that album, and that in a nutshell is why I love them so much. Each album is unique, and it literally transports you to a time or place imagined in the musicality. I would think, had I been using Last.FM at the time of their release, the albums “Supernature” and “Black Cherry” would be much higher in my most listened to charts as they are packed from start to finish with a fantastic collection of songs, that really nail my passion for big electro beats!

So, going back to subject, I saw Goldfrapp last night. They performed their first ever gig since 2014 at the O2 Academy in Oxford, and the gig was always going to be them showcasing their new material to a live audience. Forgive me for not remembering all of the titles of the new stuff, but I can safely say that Goldfrapp have nailed that hard electronica image once again. The vocals are on point from Alison as always, showing that she could do sexy raspy vocals as well as operatic style vocal runs on some of their biggest hits. The production is familiar and you would be forgiven for thinking that this new album is the true successor to “Supernature”, only 12 years too late.

Below you can see a few of my best photos I took during the show.

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Before you go, you should definitely check out their most recent single “Anymore” if you haven’t already. The official video can be watched by clicking play below…

What are your favourite Goldfrapp songs? Were you at the show last night too? I would love to hear from you so please get in contact.