A Week Of Adventures

I am super excited for this next week to begin, I have so much planned for the next week and I am about to share my agenda with you.

So on Monday the 20th March I will be heading up to Oxford to see the electronica band Goldfrapp perform live, all in preparation for their upcoming new album “Silver Eye” which is due to be released on the 31st March. I am so excited to see them, they are definitely one of my all time favourite bands and this will be the second time I will see them live. I hope to get some great photos of them this time around. I am also very excited to be one of the first people to hear their new album, as this is going to be their first gig promoting the new material and so in the crowd, we will be the guinea pigs who react to their new stuff before anybody else, I am so excited. From the two new songs released so far, “Anymore” and “Ocean” I can safely say that I think this new album is going to be their best new material in ages and I will, of course, write up a blog when I can about the gig.

I can’t wait to see Goldfrapp again.

From Oxford, I will be travelling up to the medieval city of York. I will be using Airbnb for the first time ever and have booked a great little deal to stay on a houseboat on the River Ouse up there. I am so excited for this quirky little trip away and I will be staying up there for two nights which will be a lovely getaway. The houseboat looks really nice and I have posted a couple of pictures on here so you can see for yourself how nice it is.

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During my time in York I hope to see lots of the attractions and sights up there, there seems like there is a lot to do. I am a bit of a photography nut and I hope to take loads of stunning pictures of all of the majestic architecture up there too. York has always been on my bucket list of places I would like to visit and next week my dream will finally be coming true of visiting there, and in such a cool way too. I managed to get a fantastic deal on Airbnb for the stay too, with 20% off. I have never used Airbnb before but so far the process has proved to be very easy and with no problems thus far. I will also get use of a bike when I am up there too so I am hoping to ditch the car and cycle into the heart of York during my time there, weather permitting.

On Thursday I will be heading back home but instead of going home I will be diverting to my best friend Amy’s, who will be turning the grand age of 40 this Friday. I have a big day planned out for her in London, and a lot of it is a secret so hush hush. I have a few things planned during our day in London including a particular musical show in the evening time which I am very excited to see. I am really hoping that she will have a magical and fun day and I can’t wait to spend the day with her and have a lot of fun. I imagine there will be a lot of photos and selfies taken on this day out too.

I really can’t wait for the week to begin!