Friday, Friday – Gotta Get Down on Friday!

NB. This isn’t a blog about the phenomenal debut single from Rebecca Black.

Friday is the best day of the week, right? I mean for most people (not me!) it’s the last day of the working week and it means that party time is about to begin as the weekend draws ever near. Friday has also become a very important day for music lovers and entertainment lovers worldwide as it has recently become the day each week when new music goes on sale/stream to the masses. Friday has always been the day when new movies come to the cinema too.


Back in 2015, it was announced that there would be a worldwide release date for music releases, mainly so that leaks didn’t happen on new music that was released in other territories and then put online. It also meant that premieres of new music would happen all at the same time on a Friday morning. I remember the days when new music which would be due to be launched on a Monday morning would sometimes appear online earlier as it had been released in Ireland on the Friday beforehand (Ireland had always had a Friday release date), this happens no more. It was also announced around the same time that the UK Charts would also be announced on a Friday, being moved from a Sunday. This was a big change, seeing as for the past 60 odd years beforehand it was always announced on a Sunday evening at 4 pm to 7 pm and would now be changed in format to be done on a Friday afternoon instead.

Here is what they said about this change at the time…

The BBC has announced it is moving the top 40 show from its usual Sunday afternoon slot, made famous by presenters including Tony Blackburn and Alan Freeman, to a Friday evening to meet the demands of the global digital music industry.

The change comes after the music industry agreed a global release date for singles and albums, as digital downloads and streaming replace the traditional music store as a measure of popularity.

As well as the change of slot, the show will be shorter, giving less time for all songs in the charts to be played. 

But station controller Ben Cooper has has denied the move means the chart was being ‘downgraded’, claiming it had to ‘adapt or die.’

So why am I suddenly writing about this now, in 2017? I don’t really pay too much attention to the UK Charts anymore, especially the singles chart which has become stagnant with the introduction of incorporating the streaming stats with physical sales. No, the reason I am talking about this now is that my favourite website in the whole wide world (Last.FM) is moving it’s weekly charts to be on a Friday as well, mainly to reflect that a lot of new music is now released on this day of the week.

Last.FM is brilliant because it actually focuses on numbers of plays from actual users of songs, albums and artists and you get your own individual data as well as combined data based on location, tags (genres etc) and a combined global chart to see what the world has listened to. You know all of this already, though, seeing as I talk about it so many times in my blogs.

With this change, though, comes a change in my own personal stats. This will have no reflection on my monthly blogs which are always published on the 1st of the month but will affect my weekly charts which I have been detailing since August 2005. I have a whole spreadsheet of stats for that! Every Friday my new weekly chart will be unveiled going forward and I am sure that this won’t make too much of an impact. Saying that, though, it would have been different last week in my stats, last week my #1 would have been “Chained To The Rhythm” by Katy Perry but on the Monday-Monday old rule, it was “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran.

You can read the blog on why the decision was made by Last.FM here.

I have been toying with the idea of publishing blogs on my weekly charts for a while now but thought it would be too much. The thing is, I now have an excuse to as I can do this whilst discussing new music released that day too (on a Friday morning). I wasn’t going to mention it before now but there will be a new look for my Monthly blogs (which you will see on the 1st) and I have decided that beginning on the 24th March I will also start publishing weekly music blogs as well which will mainly focus on new music and what I think of it, so stay tuned for that! My keyboard better get used to being tapped on as I am about to be doing a lot of writing! What features would you like to see in my New Music Friday blogs, let me know by commenting?

Thanks for reading!