Eurovision: You Decide

So Friday, the 27th January 2017 I was in London once again to go to the UK selection show, which would find a song to compete at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of songs on offer this year and I think the result is a fantastic song that we can all get behind and hope that the UK will finally do well once again in the contest.


Picture the scene: Hammersmith Apollo (or Eventim Apollo as it is now known), pretty much filled to the brim with Eurovision fans who were there to see a grand concert of songs, whilst being broadcast live on BBC Two to the nation. Mel Giedroyc was once again the presenter of the show, and she was a delight to watch. There were six songs vying for the title of the United Kingdom entry into this year’s Eurovision, and each song impressed me live. It was a hard choice, in my opinion, I had my early favourites since hearing the songs earlier in the week when they were previewed on Radio 2, but by the time the show had finished my thoughts on all of the songs had changed. To be fair though, all of the competing entries could have been a Eurovision entry in my opinion, but which one would be the song that will get us back into that Top 10 in the scoreboard?

Lucie Jones was the winner, she was song #3 of the night with the ballad “Never Give Up On You”. There was a lot of backlash initially as this song was not considered to be the big favourite, but for me, this is a perfect song for us to go to Eurovision with. Let me explain:

Lucie Jones

Lucie Jones is a fantastic singer, I was a big fan of her back in 2009 when she competed in the X Factor (this was back in the days when I watched the thing) and back then I thought she would have a bright future. She, unfortunately, got voted out in a sing-off with Irish duo Jedward, who you may know went on to represent Ireland in the contest, not once but twice. Lucie Jones found her path into musical theatre and has made a name for herself as being one of the talented actresses and singers out there and this also means that she is not likely to be nervous on stage, she will be used to it. Lucie belted out the ballad she competed with on Friday night, and she was fantastic. I remember towards the end of the song when it has a soaring middle-8, Lucie belted out a fantastic vocal and I think with work and practise, this will be the goosebump moment in May. The song itself needs a little work too to be completely perfect, like I love it in its format now, but the second verse needs to have a stronger production and something else needs to happen after the soaring middle-8 to give the “wow” effect. Is it just me that kinda envisages a Katy B production along the lines of the song “Crying For No Reason”, where it picks up in the second verse? That is what I would love to see, but we shall have to wait and find out how it will sound in May.

So I am very happy with our pick for Eurovision this year, the first time since 2014 and before that 2011. I can picture this song being very popular amongst the jury voters and we would need to have a powerful performance to pick up the viewers votes, but I can see it doing this. If we have a good draw in May then I am almost certain that we will see a Top 10 finish, but then, we also don’t know about 38 of the songs that are due to be competing either. What do you think of the song, and what do you think of our chances? Be sure to comment or reply to me on social media, would love to hear from you.

Here are some of my photos from the show:

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5 thoughts on “Eurovision: You Decide

  1. Totally agree with the Katy B point you make. I actually hated all the songs initially but after watching the live show this one stood out but the others were still a bit dated and mediocre in my opinion


    1. Yeah for sure, it stood out because it was simple and I think it still can be bit just needs a bit more oomph in that second verse to go from great to amazing. That’s all it needs


        1. Yeah maybe, I have faith. They’ve said they’re going to make tweaks. I really do think this will do well for us tho, ballads always have (with exception of Humperdinck)


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