New Cars & New Starts

We’re already 9 days into the new year, where has that gone?? I hope you are all having a lovely new year so far, I certainly am. I think this is probably the best start to a new year for me ever. Let me explain…

So late last week I went to visit a car that was in my local dealership to give it a test drive and see if it would be something I would like to drive all the time. I fell in love with a Toyota Aygo which they had, which comes with all of the features I could ever want and need, including Bluetooth audio, DAB radio, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Electric Mirrors, Central Remote locking (my current car doesn’t have this) and also a rear reversing camera, which comes on every time you put the car into reverse. I was blown away by all of the cool little features, and it was such a pleasure to drive. Needless to say, I went for the car, my finance got approved and I will be collecting the thing at 11 am this coming Wednesday.

My new car: Toyota Aygo (2014)

I really badly needed a new car though, my current car is a Volkswagen Polo which I have had since 2011, but only last month it passed the 100,000 mile mark. I have used the car so much, I do a lot of commuting to get to my work (40 miles each way) which soon racks up the mileage and fuel. I have also taken the car with me on trips to Europe and the heights of Scotland and have had so many memories with the car. I have also had my first ever accident in a car with my Polo, back in 2013. This was a low point for me, and ever since then I think the car has been cursed, with many things going wrong. Most recently, the power steering has failed on it which would mean that it would not pass it’s upcoming MOT and also is such hard work to drive. I have recently resented driving it as I always feel like “will it make it home?”. It really was on it’s last legs and so now it’s time for a change, and I cannot wait to get started in driving my new car.

My previous car: Volkswagen Polo (2008)

This time around though, I have learnt a lot of lessons. My previous car was a gas guzzler, with an average mpg of 38.1 and being automatic, it went through petrol like no tomorrow. My next car was always going to be something a lot more economical, especially with all of the driving that I do. This is why I have gone for a basic, smaller engine car but has a much higher of mpg of 68.1 on average. This would mean almost double to my wallet in terms of the miles I can get from my fuel. This also means that my road tax for the year is also a lot cheaper, it’s free in fact. That is one more thing off my mind. I have also setup a new insurance policy today on the new car and even that is saving me money too, it’s like this was completely meant to be. The car is also a much newer model (2014 in fact) and has a warranty on it until the end of 2019, meaning that if anything was to go wrong with it I can go back to Toyota and get them to look at it for free. The first MOT is not due on it until end of next year and it has recently had a deep clean and service, meaning that it will be as good as new when I get behind the wheel of it again on Wednesday. I am so excited!!

Filling up my car is not going to be so frequent now.

2017 has been a year of change, completely and utterly. Not only have I changed my car, I have also changed teams at work which is a very positive thing for me. I will now be working on relief, which essentially means that my shifts could be anytime, which may sound a bit rubbish but for me this makes complete sense. I like being flexible, and being able to work with many different people as well. I have also booked all of my annual leave off for the forthcoming tax year and any other dates I am more or less flexible to work at given notice. I know most people would want a routine, and being able to know things in advance but I have always enjoyed living my life with spontaneity and free spirit, which is why this is such a good thing for me.

I have also made the decision to join Slimming World at the end of this month. If you’re not sure what Slimming World is, then you can check out the video below for more details.

As some of you know, I have battled with my weight over the last few years and have shed a bit of weight over the last couple of years. Since then, my weight has stayed about the same. I have a great fitness club which I go to, and am continuing to go to this year but I now want to pull in focus on what I eat as well and introducing new habits. I don’t want to call it a “diet” as that is completely the wrong word, a diet would mean something temporary whereas this is a permanent change for me. I want to educate myself on food and have a better relationship with it. The good thing with Slimming World is that there is also an element of “counseling” with it too, where each week you get weighed and meet with fellow members to discuss how your previous week has gone and your ongoing struggle as well. This can also be done on a 1 to 1 basis too with the group’s leader.

I have known about Slimming World for a while now and put it off as I didn’t think I needed it. I was naive in thinking that exercise alone would mean that I could lose weight but now I know it’s more about combining both exercise and healthy eating to get to and maintain a healthy weight. A couple of my friends have recently joined Slimming World, as well as some of my mates being members for years now. I have witnessed one friend in particular lose a lot of weight by simply teaching herself to eat better, and that is what I want for myself. I am now 30, and so changes are good and healthy.

I cannot wait to join Slimming World and get healthy again.

I wonder what other changes are to come in due course. Thank you for reading.

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