2016: A Year In Music (Artists)

2016 is pretty much almost over, and throughout the course of today I will be unveiling the most played Artists, Albums and Tracks of 2016 in my Last.FM music statistics. Basically, what music have I been listening to the most? Well, here we go…

This post is looking back at the most played Artists of 2016, who have all been fighting to make it in to my most played list. By playing an artist, this could mean any song and any album and then all plays are totalled up to give me their big play score of the year. So before we get started on the Top 10, let’s look at 10 notable acts that didn’t make it into the Top 10.

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And now on to serious business, here in all of their glory are the Top 10 artists of 2016. All of them have a huge array of hit songs and have frequently been listened to in the previous 366 days.

#10 Lady Gaga (547 plays)

Lady Gaga is kicking off the Top 10 countdown this year, with over 500 plays. Lady Gaga turned 30 earlier this year and even won her first ever Golden Globe for her time acting in the TV Series American Horror Story. Gaga also released her new album “Joanne” back in October 2016 and I imagine a lot of those plays were from that album. According to my stats, the most she was played in 2016 was as follows:


#9 Adele (570 plays)

So at #9 this year we have Adele who has had a record-breaking and an award-winning year. A lot of her plays has been for her most recent album “25” which was released to Streaming platforms back in the Summer, although initially released late last year. Here is her listening history:


#8 Madonna (683 plays)

Madonna has also had an amazing year, she has such a vast back catalogue that it is hard to miss out on a Madonna track when my library is on shuffle mode. Madonna’s most recent album “Rebel Heart” was released back in early 2015, but it was seeing her for the first time on tour back in December 2015 which has made me listen to her over and over again. Here is her listening history for 2016:


#7 OneRepublic (715 plays)

OneRepublic have really turned me into a huge fan of them, they have released some good songs in the past but this year they released their best album to date (in my opinion) and also I went to see them in September as part of the Apple Music Festival which was such a fun experience. I have been listening to their recent album “Oh My My” many times in recent months, as reflected in my listening history:


#6 Rihanna (729 plays)

Rihanna released a new album this year after almost four years since her previous album. She has had a turbulent few years recently and people have wondered about her mental state, and whether she is OK. I personally hope that things get better for her, and I also hope for some new music from her in the not too distant future. A lot of her plays were from earlier in the year when her recent album “ANTi” was released. Here is her 2016 listening history:


#5 Coldplay (738 plays)

At #5 this year it’s the band Coldplay who have gone from strength to strength since releasing their seventh studio album last year. Coldplay also had a successful performance at the Super Bowl back in February as well.  I am really and truly a big fan of them and I was so glad that I got to see them earlier this year as part of their tour, “A Head Full Of Dreams”. I think this shows really as most of their plays were in June, which is when I was there to see them. They also had the most amount of plays in a single day this year, when on the 20th June they had 91 plays alone. Here is their listening history:


#4 Beyoncé (773 plays)

#4 now and Beyoncé has had a triumphant return to the top of the charts this year. She released her “surprise” new album “Lemonade” back in April 2016 and since then has also gone from strength to strength, with high profile performances everywhere. She was also with Coldplay (and Bruno Mars) to perform at this years Super Bowl. There is also a big rumour that next year she will be reuniting with her Destiny’s Child bandmates to do something, whether that be new material or a tour or something, we do not know. Here is her listening history for 2016:


#3 Kylie Minogue (947 plays)

Kylie Minogue is at #3 and again, like Madonna she has such a huge back catalogue that I imagine a lot of those plays are from casual listens. Nevertheless, she is a staple in my music library and she also released a re-packaged Christmas album last month with many new tunes to listen to. Every December will always be big plays for Ms. Minogue I think as her Christmas tunes will play out of my speakers to the delight of my ears. There are unconfirmed rumours that a brand new studio album will be coming next year as well, so yet another Top 10 appearance for Kylie this time next year? We shall see. For now, here is my 2016 listening history:


#2 All Saints (969 plays)

The reunion queens are at #2 this year, yes All Saints reunited back in 2014 and have been playing gigs here, there and everywhere to drum up support again. 2016 was the year they released their first new material in 10 years, and it was actually fantastic too. I have loved listening to their new stuff as well as re-discovering their old stuff as well. I really hope they continue to keep producing great material as it looks like they are not going anywhere fast, they are even supporting Take That on tour next year. Here is their 2016 listening history:


#1 Britney Spears (1013 plays)

So over 1000 plays for Britney Spears, propelling her to this years most played artist. Britney released her brand new album “Glory” back in August 2016 and it really is a triumphant return to form. Britney has also benefited from the fact that she has a vast back catalogue which is great for casual listens. Britney has always been a big pop artist and has a huge array of hits to listen to, so it’s no surprise really that she has gone to #1. As you may remember, Madonna was my most played artist last year and Britney Spears has worked with her on different occasions, with them also complimenting each other in recent months (you may remember Madonna covering Britney’s song “Toxic” whilst images of President-elect Donald Trump played in the background).

The top played songs from Britney this year were “Make Me…” which received 159 plays, “Slumber Party” which had 91 plays and then “Clumsy” with 43 plays. All of these tracks are from her latest LP and it is worth checking out if you are a pop fan. Will her album also be #1 most played of 2016?

Here is her 2016 listening history:


So there you have it, those artists were my most played of 2016. You can check out the full list by clicking here. I wonder who is going to be featured in this list this time next year, it’s exciting when you think about it really. Who am I going to be listening to the most? There are a few new albums I am looking forward to, more of which I will discuss in my 2017 Predictive blog, coming on tomorrow.

Throughout today I will also be publishing the most played Albums and Tracks blogs which you can look through. I am excited to reveal which song I listened to the most, that is always an exciting time, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading.

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