Christmas Dos & Classic Tunes

Hello everyone, once again. I like blogging, as you know, and this is another personal blog of mine to add to the collection. There is only 11 sleeps to go until Christmas Day, so are you prepared!? Tomorrow is also the date in which Royal Mail suggest that you post off your parcels in order to get them to your recipients in time for Christmas.

A busy time for Royal Mail

So with that in mind, yesterday night was the time of my work’s Christmas Do. Every December, tons of offices and companies throughout the world organise the best Christmas Party to impress their employees and colleagues, and to essentially have a good time and consume a lot of alcohol too. Last night was no exception to that. My team at work organised a Christmas Party at Stoneham Park in Eastleigh. The event was organised by Best Parties Ever (click here!), literally, that is the name of their company. To be honest though, it really was extravagant and they did put on a fantastic party for our office crew and tons of other companies on the same night. The theme for the event was Paris, and we even had to go under the Arc de Triomphe to get to our tables, where we were to be seated for the night. The organisers had gone all out, and the performers for the night included burlesque dancers, can-can dancers and fire dancers. They all performed underneath the “Eiffel Tower” too which looked pretty cool, despite it only being the foundations bit at the bottom of the tower.

Check out some of my pictures from the event to see what I am talking about anyway…

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So last night was good fun, and everyone else I was with also seemed to have a great time. There were tons of photos taken, including a dodgy one in the photo booth where everybody had to dress up. There were also dodgems at the event too so a few of us had to partake in bumping into each other in powered cars, although I do think the idea is to dodge them? Hmm.

On to another topic now, and essentially this time of the year is pretty slow for new music being released. There is usually a Christmas rush for artists to get new albums out and to get them sold by the bucketload in the run up to Christmas, but normally by December these releases tend to dry up as it is only Christmas music that people tend to listen to, me included. I love using Apple Music a lot, as you know, and you can find old treasures on there if you look carefully. Normally, I would be importing new music to listen to and rate for my playlists (music geek alert) but now it’s time for all of the old albums to come out and be listened to. I have been discovering lots of back catalogue from the likes of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Pretenders, REO Speedwagon and Fleetwood Mac amongst others. One of my presents for my 30th birthday was a compilation CD of the music of 1986 (the year I was born of course) and I found that this CD has lots of great music, all of which now find themselves in my iTunes playlists. I love getting my headphones on and be transported somewhere into my imagination or memories when I listen to music and it has been great re-discovering some past hits.

80’s music is so cool!

I do like winter, I love the early nights when all you want to do when you come home from work is wrap up warm and fall asleep or curl up watching TV in bed. Because of this, I have been watching a lot of Netflix recently after neglecting my subscription for a couple of months. I have been watching the TV Series Black Mirror, which I know everybody has raved about since it was first on TV a few years ago, but I had never seen it. The third series has been exclusively commissioned as a Netflix exclusive and so I have been tempted to watch it from the beginning, and I have so far been very impressed. I have also been watching a few Christmas movies here and there. The only downside to Netflix is that there is literally way too much choice, sometimes I just sit there and look through and have no idea what to watch next. I found a cool app on the App Store though recently which specialises in acting like a “roulette” and it will randomly decide on a film or series to watch. The good thing about it is that you can also set standards and limits so that it picks things which are relevant to what you are looking for. If you are a Netflix fanatic like me, I strongly recommend you give it a go too.

Netflix Roulette is so cool!

Anyway, that it is it from me today. I am back to work on Friday and so tomorrow is a gym day. Only a few more days to go before Christmas, I will be working, but I am getting more and more excited about New Years Eve as I will be celebrating with friends for the first time in ages (as I have worked the last 3!). I cannot wait for 2017 to start and I have so many cool ideas of things to do, but I know that 2016 is going to very hard to beat. As always, there will be reflective blogs coming soon to look back on my 2016 so stick around to look for that! See you soon.