Turning 30

NOTE: This blog contains a lot of self-reflecting and is mainly focused on me, me, me. Please join me in reading this though if you wish to know my thoughts on my life right now.

30 & FAB!

What a weekend that was, the weekend just gone. On the 10th December 2016, I officially reached the grand “old” age of 30 on Saturday and I really celebrated in style. I was very scared and a bit nervous about turning 30, mainly because I felt like I hadn’t really done that much in my twenties and felt almost like I had wasted that time of my life, but now I feel very positive about this brand new decade of my life, and I am ready for it to start.

The weekend started for me by going to work for a night shift on Friday night, where I had a good shift with my work colleagues who were very sweet and celebrated my birthday at midnight with me. From work, I drove straight up to North London to my best friend Amy’s house, where she had some lovely gifts for me to open. I kinda knew already but I also got my Golden ticket to go and see Willy Wonka in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical in the West End. I was made up with joy and couldn’t wait to spend my birthday with the best person in my life.

An actual golden ticket!

I then slept off my night shift and woke up at 2pm to get ready to head into London. It has been a very long time since I went out partying in London and this was going to be a big night for me. One of my gifts was a “Birthday Boy” badge which I wore with pride. Me and Amy then proceeded to head into London on the underground and out first stop was Piccadilly Circus. The streets were packed with Christmas shoppers and also many performers who were singing Christmas songs or performing different acts, always makes for a good show in my opinion. We then walked through China Town into Soho where we had a celebratory meal at Nandos. Nandos is like my favourite restaurant ever and I really enjoy going here whenever I can. It was great introducing Amy to the best dessert on earth, the While Chocolate cake. Next time you are in Nandos, be sure to try this one out!

Nothing beats a good Nando’s

From Nandos we then walked down to Covent Garden and headed into a few shops, and then walked past more sparkly Christmas lights and entertainers before heading to the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane, where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is playing (only until January 2017 though folks!). We went and took our seats before the show started, and what a show it was. I remember being a fan of the 70’s version of the film as a kid and this musical is heavily based on that, as opposed to the Johnny Depp version which was released in the mid 2000’s. In fact, thinking about the film and now I want to watch it, I may do just that after writing this blog. The show was absolutely fantastic and had the best production I have ever seen in any musical or theatre performance and in some degree some concerts. They had a billion props and so many different scenes and it actually felt like it was the film, with special effects here, there and everywhere. The cast were amazing and despite there only being one song from the film featured (“Pure Imagination” of course), it was a fantastic night out. The show is moving to Broadway in New York in Spring 2017 so unfortunately the show is closing in the West End, make sure you go and see it before it closes if you love musical theatre. I imagine the whole cast and crew would be going too if it is forced to close but I could be wrong.

Theatre Royal before the show began.

Me and Amy really enjoyed ourselves at the show, and so we decided to stick around Covent Garden for a bit for a few drinks, namely mulled wine, seeing as it was Christmas and all. I had never actually been to Covent Garden before but oh my gosh, it looked beautiful all dressed up in Christmas. I would really love to go back again, hopefully even before this Christmas as it is so picturesque and beautiful. Watch out for the overpriced bars though, £11.50 for two glasses of wine in one particular place.

London at night is gorgeous around Christmas time.

From Covent Garden, it was time to celebrate and so I donned my dancing shoes to head back to Soho for some partying. I always enjoy a night out in Soho and it brought me back to my teen days where I used to go up to London like every weekend and spend my nights at The Village, KU Bar, G-A-Y or Heaven. This time around we went to a bar called The Yard which had a very relaxed vibe and we had a great time dancing to some big tracks. I had a fantastic night overall and like I said before, I couldn’t imagine spending it with anybody else but my best friend for life Amy. We then got on the night tube back to her place and proceeded to sleep off the night.

What I realised is that actually, despite now being 30, I can have a good time and in fact I should learn to have a good time more often as it does loads for the soul. In ten years time from now I will be 40 and by that time I wish to be in a much better place physically as well as mentally. I feel weighed down by some of the mistakes I have made in my 20’s but now it is time to set that right and eradicate the bad and negative stuff or people from my life. I can do better without them. 2017 is going to be a big year for me as it will be the year that I take on the next chapter of my life, and even though I don’t know particularly what the future holds for me, I know that it is only down to me and me alone to make things happen. I want to be happy, and next year is about putting things into place in order for that to happen. I know it can be seen as a cliché but it is true when they say that being 30, you are at an age of knowing exactly who you are, and having much more confidence in yourself, that you can put to right the mistakes you had made as a youngster. That statement totally applies to me right now anyway. I no longer take any crap from anybody and can stick up for myself a lot better than I had ever done before, i’m sure people from my Facebook and Twitter can vouch for this after my opinions on both Brexit and the US Presidential campaign came to light. I have a voice, and I will continue to use it.

So, the twenty-something in me has now gone away but the thirty-something in me is here to stay for a while now and under new management, there is a new Dan in town. I CANNOT wait for next year and to start the rest of my life once again.

Thank you for reading.