Red Hot Chili Peppers

So last night I travelled up to The O2 in London once again for another concert, and this time I was going to see the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since releasing their debut album all the way back in 1989, they have been going from strength to strength and I have loved a lot of their recent releases, which in turn has spurned me to check out some of their back catalogue too.

My earliest memory of liking the Chili’s (as they are affectionally known) was probably when they released the song “The Zephyr Song” all the way back in 2002 from their “By The Way” album. I really loved that song and that created a buzz for me to check out their other songs, I really liked that whole album actually and it remains probably one of their best efforts LP wise. It included the hit songs “The Zephyr Song” obviously, “By The Way” which was the first single from the album and “Can’t Stop” which has an amazingly fun looking video. Since we are discussing my memory of them though, let’s remind ourselves of “The Zephyr Song” courtesy of YouTube.

Sadly, “The Zephyr Song” was not in their setlist of their current tour, I have been told by fans that they no longer perform this live as the band don’t feel like the song fits into their ethic. I do think it is one of their best ever songs to this day, even though there have been many other fantastic songs released since then (the song came out in 2002).

So yeah, I consider myself to be a fan of the Chili’s and according to my most recent Last.FM stats I have listened to the band a total of 1098 times which is a lot of plays. The most played song in my Last.FM stats is this song, which comes packaged with one of the best ever music videos every produced, so it is well worthy of being mentioned in here. Let’s take a look…

So that is my favourite Chili songs, but how was the concert? Well, getting back on topic, the show was absolutely amazing and they performed so many of their hit songs, including “Californication”. They also performed other big hits including “Under The Bridge”, “Scar Tissue”, “By The Way”, “Dani California”, “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” and “Dark Neccessities” which is a brilliant song on their most recent album “The Getaway”.

In fact, the recent tour is in promotion of their most recent LP which was released in the Summer. It’s a great album and I have been listening to it loads recently. The band have still got the same energy from when they first started out and you can tell they really have a love of performing live to a crowd. This run of shows at The O2 are all sold out and they are still very much a popular band with many fans coming from abroad to see them live.

Here are some of the photos I took of my time at the concert…

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What are some of your favouite Chili songs or albums? I would love to hear from you so do get in contact or comment on this blog. Were you also at the show or going? I am so glad that I got to see them live, it was my first time seeing the band and hopefully not the last. I expect they will be back in the studio to record another album in a few years time, the energy never dies!

Finally, here is my montage video of the show. This one is a tad shaky in places and has poor sound quality at the beginning but stick with it, and check out those funky light effects too!