Music of the Month: November 2016

I no longer feel ashamed about talking about Christmas, as today is officially the 1st day of the Advent season. Did you all open your Advent calendars?

This blog is also the penultimate Music of the Month (MOTM) blog of 2016, can you believe it? I love doing these blogs, even if you don’t care that much, it’s great for me to reflect back on my listening habits and this syncs so seamlessly with my Timehop app where I can look back at posts from years ago.

Right, without further ado, let me introduce to you the music that I have been listening to throughout the month of November 2016. Who do you think is going to be #1?

So, first of all, interestingly, all of the Top 6 most played artists this month have achieved over 100 plays each. I think that is a considerable feat, when you think that probably equates to more than 4/5 hours of listening time for each artist. OneRepublic have done it once again though and stayed at the top, with a staggering increase of plays since last month, achieving a total of 241 plays in total. This would mean that I have listened to them approximately 12 hours in total last month.

Other notable acts at the top includes Lady Gaga who has to settle for #2 this month after being #4 last month. Britney Spears is still in the Top 4 but drops one spot from last months #3. We also see Rebecca Ferguson stick around in the Top 10 climbing from #9 last month to #5 this time around.

Most of the Top 10 this month is re-entries or newcomers, and I think the Australia effect has come into play here. Yes, I visited Australia for a considerable amount of November and so this influenced me in playing some Australian music. We can see that both of the Minogue sisters have re-entered the Top 10, Kylie Minogue being at #3 (with added interest in her recently repackaged Christmas album) and Dannii Minogue being at #6. Dami Im who represented the Aussie nation at this years Eurovision Song Contest sees herself come in at #8, but most of those plays are probably for her latest single “Fighting For Love”, where will that come in this months Top Tracks rundown?

Clean Bandit, Lost Frequencies and Bruno Mars also complete this months Top 10 countdown, with the latter two releasing new albums in November. Talking of which, let’s look at the albums chart.

So, once again, OneRepublic is still at the top of the albums chart this month. Yet again, they have also gone and increased their play amount since last month as well which is staggering when you think this album was released back in early October. I cannot get enough of the songs on this album, and if you haven’t heard it already, where the hell have you been? I am properly loving their new single “Future Looks Good” which is being used in the new BOSE adverts on TV currently.

Other notable albums this month include the new albums from Bruno Mars (“24K Magic”), Little Mix (“Glory Days”), Lost Frequencies (“Less Is More”) and then we come on to Geri Halliwell. Yes, you heard that right, Geri Halliwell is at #7 in this months Top 10. Call me bad, but my inquisitive nature leaded me to checking out her recently leaked album, which I publicly said on Twitter I would not download, but after hearing the tracks on YouTube I was blown away by how good this album actually is, and had to have it in my iTunes collection. The album is called “Man On The Mountain” and features some country songs, some ballads, and some full-on pop songs and Geri sounds better than ever. I am not entirely sure whether Geri intended to release this album, as she has been promising to get it out there for the last 3 years, but I do think she should be proud of her work and put it on iTunes anyway so that we can have an official copy to add to our collections.

Lady Gaga has rised up to #2 this month, with her latest album “Joanne” which just gets better with every listen, Britney Spears is still hanging around the Top 5 with “Glory” and Rebecca Ferguson has also gone up this month with her stunning new album “Superwoman”. I suggest, if you haven’t already, that you check out all of these albums on Apple Music or Spotify (or YouTube for Geri) as they are all fantastic pop LPs and need to enter your ear canals.

So then, the most played track this month was the song “Rockabye” by the dream team of Clean Bandit (they finally got to #1 after narrowly missing out in June), Sean Paul and newcomer Anne-Marie. The song is a catchy little number and is most definitely an ear-worm. The song has been played a total of 62 times last month and is a taster for their upcoming new album, which is due out in early 2017.

Also in the Top 10 this month we have the new single from Dami Im called “Fighting For Love”, which is a brutally fierce pop song. This narrowly missed out being #1 but did rock up a total of 58 plays, most of them being in Australia I would imagine. Last weeks #1 by Little Mix, “Shout Out To My Ex” drops down to #10 and surprisingly “Kids” by OneRepublic has another month inside the Top 10, perched at #8 this month. There are a lot of fantastic songs around at the moment and you would be a fool to not check out the YouTube playlist of all of this month’s top songs, put into the order of 10-1 just for you. Go ahead, click the play button, you will not regret doing so.

So, just quickly, the plans for this month are as follows:

25th December (CHRISTMAS): MOTM – December 2016 is published, which I expect will be full of festive tunes.

1st January (NEW YEARS DAY): 2016: A Year In Music will be published, looking back at all of the music from 2016 and which artists, albums and tracks have made it in to my Top 10 of the year, it’s going to be close. I will also be publishing the FULL charts for the entire year in this blog too, exciting times!

Happy Christmas season everyone and look out for my future blogs coming soon.

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  1. I love doing my end of year charts. I have no idea of how it’s going to look until 31st December and it’s so exciting for me


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