Ever-So-Shrinking Dan (Part 5)

It’s time for another update on how I am getting on with my fitness. I am now officially a member of David Lloyd leisure and so far I am loving it and know I have made the perfect decision to get my fitness back on track. I know that it is a bit more money which I will now need to part with each month but for what you get, it is completely and utterly worth it.

I have so far been to one of the David Lloyd centres 5 times in the last week alone, although two of those visits were at different centres to my main centre, based here in Reading. When I visited up north last weekend I went to one of the centres near Manchester in a place called Cheadle, and just the other day after my final night shift, I went to the centre in Newbury which is not much of a diversion on my way home from work. I love how flexible it is and how you can just use any centre you wish whenever you want.


I have found the staff to be very helpful and friendly and my induction went really well with some realistic goals set and I have learnt a lot on what I need to do in order to get my health back on track, no more over-doing it for me. In the past, I had a tendency to over-do it at the gym but then not stick to a routine because I found it to become boring and not very realistic to stick to or to challenge myself. This time around I am focused on starting small and trying new things all of the time in order to get better at it and to challenge myself easily to get better and to take on more. I am also doing a lot more weight training, before I used to put off doing this as there was a myth that if you want to lose weight you should just stick to cardio, well that myth has been totally de-bunked. Weight resistance training, even though it does tone up your muscle, it also helps the body to train and lose fat in those areas too, and I am loving doing my weight resistance routine currently.

Time to build those muscles.

Today I had planned to cycle to the gym to basically go swimming only, bearing in mind that to cycle there is already a 4 mile hike by bike, and then 4 miles back also. This plan was all going well in my head until I got on my bike this morning and realised that I had a flat tyre, and also the front braking system seems to have come loose and will need tuning up, I will get the professionals at Halfords to do this as I am clueless. I had a back-up plan though, and instead of not going to the gym at all, I went, and actually did more than what I had planned anyway. I did over an hour in the gym, with a 9km ride on the gym bike, along with some cross-training, some stepping, some battle-ropes (these are fun and work your core muscles) and then some rowing. I also did some weights and then I went and had my first go in the swimming pool, which is currently outside and has no roof, they take off the roof in the summer months and it feels great. Nothing beats a good steam to chill out after swimming, and so I finished my workout in the steam room, feeling relaxed and refreshed and then heading home.

There’s nothing more relaxing than this.

Tomorrow I will be taking part in my first gym class, the first of many I think as I want to try so much. I will be doing a stepping class, where you have to step up and down a “step” on the floor, it’s a very basic workout but something to build on and I can’t wait to attend and hopefully meet some like-minded people. I can even sense my own confidence is growing as I never would have had the guts to do this in previous times, but now I am determined more than ever to do this and to prove to myself that I can do it also. If there’s one thing I have learnt, it’s that things do definitely get easier the more you practise and perfect it.

It looks like this is what I will be doing tomorrow.

The last thing I want to talk about is how in every David Lloyd centre, they have a Boditrax machine. If you don’t know what one of these are, well basically they are like the smartest scales you will ever see. I did get told not to rely on getting on the scales as it may have the tendency to put you off or feel like you are not doing so well, but as always, I have always tried to measure myself every week to see where it is I am at and to challenge myself week on week. This machine though goes into so much depth about your body, your BMI, your impedance, your metabolic age, fat percentage, literally everything. My metabolic age is 44 years old, oh dear! Still, I know what it is I need to do to work on that and improve it. The bit I love though is that I can access this information wherever I am either by logging in at home, or on the app which I have recently downloaded to my phone, and yes that also connects to Healthkit on iOS too. You know me, I am an absolute tech geek and this stuff really does excite me. There is no hiding now, this is it, I have to keep bettering myself to get myself down to my targets, set by Boditrax, and I can look back at how I have done with all of the stats in front of me.

My basic boditrax stats. I have a lot of work to do!

Anyway, it’s getting late now and I need to make sure I get 8 hours sleep in order for me to fully function for my first gym class tomorrow. Wish me luck! Don’t forget to subscribe to find out more about my fitness journey in the months to come.