Music of the Month – August 2016

Well, September is here. I can’t quite believe how fast that summer went, at least we still have 21 days left of an official summer, we may still get another heatwave in that time, you never know.

Anyway, it’s time to reflect on the month of August in music. What a fantastic month that was. For stats nerds like me, last month I recorded the most amount of plays ever in a single month. 7893 in fact. I must have really been enjoying a lot of music in the past 31 days. What music have you been enjoying recently?

Anyway, let’s get straight to it. You should all know by now how this blog works, we run down the Top 10 most played Artists, Albums and Tracks so let’s go.

Here is the Top 10 artists in photogenic pictures…

Right then, so as you can see, the legendary Miss Britney Spears is sitting pretty at #1 this week. Britney has made her big comeback to the pop charts this past month, and has been featured pretty much everywhere from award shows, adverts, radio interviews to carpool karaokes. I don’t think you would have been able to escape hearing about Britney Spears making a comeback in August. Also, note-worthy news here, Britney is also scheduled to be performing at the Apple Music festival in London this month, how exciting is that? I have applied for tickets, but much like the last 8 years, I very much doubt I will be one of the lucky ones that get to go. I have been digging out a lot of Britney Spears’ back catalogue this past month as well as listened to her new album “Glory”, all of which has given Britney a strong amount of plays (206) to crash her way to the #1 spot this month.

Also in the Top 10 is Beyoncé, who put on a fantastic performance and show at the latest MTV Video Music Awards in New York. I will be the first to admit that her latest album “Lemonade” took a very long time to grow on me but now I am there and fully loving her latest studio album, it has hung around in the Top 10 most played albums for the last couple of months but is August the month it finally reached #1? I have also been playing a lot of Rihanna songs from her latest album “ANTi” as well, mainly again because of her performance(s) at the MTV VMA’s. I really love her new song “Love On The Brain” too and can’t wait for the music video.

Some other notable entrants in the Top 10 include HONNE, a new electronica band I have been listening to recently, DJ Snake who released his debut album last month and is packed full of banging dance and R&B tunes, and Red Hot Chili Peppers is still lingering around the Top 10 as well, I am hoping to see them live on their latest tour in December. We shall see!

So, it’s time for the most played albums of August 2016. Have you been listening to any of these fantastic albums?

So this is a turn out for the books, the most played album was by the 2nd most played artist and the 2nd most played album is by the most played artist. Confused? I am too! It turns out that I have been listening to Beyoncé‘s album more than the new Britney Spears album but seemingly have also been playing a lot more of Britney Spears’ back catalogue to get her to #1. Right now though, the focus is on Beyoncé and her stunning album which was released at the back end of April. Thanks to a fantastic performance at the MTV VMA’s where she performed a medley of songs from the album, I have been so pumped for Lemonade and the album has really grown on me. I will one day see Beyoncé live, I can imagine she puts on a stirling show.

So, other notable albums in the mix? I have already mentioned about DJ Snake‘s debut album “Encore” which is sitting at #5, and we also have Christine and the Queens and Red Hot Chili Peppers still in the Top 10 from July as well. Hailee Steinfeld is in this list, even though the album in question is merely an EP, but it still contains more than 5 songs so in my opinion is classed as an album and not a single. Whilst on the subject, make sure to check out the song by hers called “Starving” which she collaborated with Zedd on. It is a great summer dance track. I would also recommend listening to the debut album by Irish rock group All Tvvins called “IIVV”. I have a very strong feeling that they are about to go big time and this is merely the beginning, the album is a very strong debut and I wish it was doing better in the official charts. I guess the general public stick to what they like and miss out on these fantastic gems that slip out there now and again.

Now it is time for the big one, the most played songs of the past month. Get your ears around these corkers…

Britney Spears has done it again. Her new single “Make Me…” has hit the #1 spot with a staggering 48 plays in total. Britney Spears hype has been everywhere this past month and it is great to have her back in a brand new music video, if only they had kept the original shots though. Katy Perry is also back and it did look at one point that it was neck and neck between her and Britney for the #1 most played track. Katy Perry’s “Rise” was featured in the Olympics 2016 which was a big highlight through August but I think Britney’s comeback performance at the MTV VMA’s saw her through to the top.

Did you know that Justin Bieber is also featured twice in this month’s Top 10? He has collaborated with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on different dance tunes and finds himself at #3 and #5 respectively this month, both are great songs and I would recommend you go listen to them now. Olly Murs has got the honour of being the only song to feature in the past months Top 10 and also in the month before, pretty much the rest of the Top 10 of July 2016 has been obliterated, although it is worth pointing out that the Calvin Harris song “This Is What You Came For” still had an amazing amount of plays (22) but it just wasn’t enough to reach the Top 10.

There are some other fantastic songs in here too, have you heard “Final Song” by yet which is at this months #10? If not, go and do that now. To make things easier for you, below is a YouTube playlist of this months Top 10 in full and you can watch all music videos from #1 all the way to #10 to your hearts content. Enjoy.

That’s it until next month. I am already importing all of the new albums into my iTunes ready for another fantastic month in music, join me on October 1st for another run down!