Creamfields and The Northern Adventures

Hello, how is everybody’s bank holiday weekend going? Well, I hope? Mine has been eventful to say the least, I spent the weekend up North and had a whale of a time.

I was going up North this weekend to go to the Creamfields festival, for which I had the Gold Saturday Day ticket, which gets you a lot of extra features including free parking, free food, hospitality at your service and fast track entrance. As I was heading up north, I kinda figured I would try and do other things whilst up there as well.

On Friday, I headed up to Sheffield where one of my good friends from many years ago lives, it was really cool to meet up and catch up. We ended up going out in Sheffield that night and seeing what nightlife there is to offer there, Sheffield surprised me as being a really cool town and the locals are really fun and friendly. We did also almost get knocked out when a brawl started to happen nearby to us and somebody was launched into our direction, oh dear. We had a great night, we picked a great night for it really as it was 2 for 1 on cocktails in one particular bar, so as you can image, we were trying all of the options on the menu.

Sheffield, at night.

On the Saturday it was time to head to Cheshire for the Creamfields event. However, there were a few stops on the way and a few hiccups. As you may know from one of my recent blogs posted on here, I have recently joined David Lloyd Leisure and I am loving it so far, I will post more on  how I am getting on with this in a future blog. So with David Lloyd, you get to use your membership in any leisure centre throughout the country and so I wanted to test this out on the Cheadle centre, based in South Manchester. The facilities there are amazing and I really had a great workout, followed by a really refreshing shower so that I could get myself ready to go to Creamfields.

Just as I was getting into my car to go to Daresbury (where the Creamfields event is held) I noticed an amber light on my dashboard, basically my power steering in my car had failed. At first, I was panicking, especially as I was miles away from home and never really been in this situation before. I decided to give RAC breakdown a call to come and visit, who were really helpful actually and gave me advice on what to do next. They did say that it needs to be seen at a garage, but that the car is still driveable, but it will just be annoying to drive as the steering will not be as responsive as normal. I was in two minds at this point to just go home and forget the festival completely, but then I thought I have made it all the way up here and there is nothing I could do, and that the power steering problem won’t actually affect my engine as it’s in a different component. So, as you can imagine, I pursued on, albeit slowly.

The ever helpful RAC Breakdown service.

On my quest to get to Creamfields, time was getting on, but after having a workout I was feeling very hungry. I pulled over at a shopping centre, which turned out to be the Trafford centre, and how amazing is this shopping mall? It was huge! I really must come back here again and do some more shopping, it was fantastic. It has fantastic old style type decorations and also has a random but huge ship in the middle of it’s food hall, very random but also very cool. I really enjoyed going for a spot of lunch here, and also had to have a look inside the Apple Store. That reminds me, my upgrade is up on my iPad through O2 and so next month I will be able to get a new iPad, I am seriously considering getting the iPad Pro. What do you guys think?

Inside the Trafford Centre. Stunning, right?

So at this point, time was getting on. I had better get the hurry on and get to Creamfields. This would be the last time I will ever be able to see Avicii live, as he has announced his retirement from performing at shows, so I needed to be there. I got there and after being poked and prodded by police and security (they were really hot on drugs after a death earlier in the day at the festival) I was inside.There were at least 7 music tents, all with different music, but primarily it was dance music which was the big reason everybody was there. I got to spend about 5 hours there in total, not long, but enough to get about the park and see what was going on, it was great seeing Avicii live too but I am gutted as my camera failed at this point and so had no way to take any pics, and I needed to make sure my phone had enough battery to get myself home in one piece. A rookie mistake, I know, but I still managed to get in a few good photos of my time there.

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So now I am home, writing this blog and putting together the video of my time there. We are hoping to get to the bottom of my car problems this week, but the car is on it’s last legs, it’s almost at 100,000 miles now. I am hoping to get a new car next year which will benefit me a lot more but we shall see.

Anyway, until next time, catch you soon!