Rio 2016

I have just finished watching the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics and I am so much in awe of what I just witnessed. Four years on since the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, I am once again feeling very proud of my country and what we have achieved.

A fantastic Closing Ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium.

Back in 2012 I managed to be a part of the Olympics by going up to the Olympic park and soaking in all of the atmosphere at the time. I can only imagine the atmosphere packed in the Maracanã Stadium tonight, it looked fantastic. I think the part that gave me goosebumps was the part when all of the athletes from all participating countries came out together into the stadium so that they could take their seats and watch the rest of the show. You could tell by watching that everybody was having a great time and just wanted to embrace the night, all eyes of the world watching them for the last time in four years.

A view of Rio.

This Olympics has brought us many medals, I am of course writing this from Great Britain, and I am so proud of my country for achieving so many medals and coming second in the medals table. It is such a contrast from exactly 20 years ago in Atlanta when we only came away with 1 gold medal, and then this year we ended up winning 27 gold medals alone. I have been hooked to many sports this year but my favourite sports are most definitly the Athletics, I love the running events in particular.

Team GB.

For Rio, there has been a lot of attention on the city and the country of Brazil in the last few months, mostly negative attention, but I do think Rio has completely proved the critics wrong and despite a few mishaps (namely the pool water turning green) they have proved themselves to be great hosts. I especially loved the performances in the Opening and Closing ceremonies and as I am writing this I am listening to a lot of Brazilian music, I especially love their Samba music which is popular in the Brazilian Carnivals. One day I will make my way over to Brazil, it is on my bucket list of places to travel to.

Rio Carnival 2014 - Day 2
A Brazilian Carnival.

Talking of places to visit, Tokyo was part of the Closing Ceremony events tonight and what a force to be reckoned with they were. I loved the very hi-tech show they presented to welcome everybody to the 2020 Olympics which are going to be held in Tokyo, the first time they have hosted since 1964. There was also a nod to Super Mario Bros and Nintendo with their Prime Minister using the well-known green pipe to get from the heart of Tokyo to the middle of Maracanã Stadium which was amazing. I definitely want to visit Japan and have always had it on my bucket list of places to head to, maybe in 2020 I finally will? It would be a good excuse to and I expect Tokyo will go out of their way to put on a picture perfect Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 is something to look forward to.

So that is it for four more years, no more Olympics unless you’re a fan of the Winter Olympics due to be held in 2018 in South Korea. What were your favourite memories of the games? For me, it had to be either Mo Farah winning the 10,000 metre race after falling half-way through and then going on to win the race anyway or when Max Whitlock won two Gold medals in one night, he was fantastic and I expect we will see more of him at the 2020 Olympics.

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Plus, if you haven’t seen this before then make sure to check out these Ukrainian gymnasts perform to Madonna, another golden clip for me!

I cannot wait for the next set of games, go Team GB!