Ever-So-Shrinking Dan (Part 4)

So yeah, I will be honest. I haven’t really been all that great with my fitness this year, don’t get me wrong, I have still been going to the gym and also been going cycling but just not as regular and intense as I did this time last year. There have been a number of reasons for this, but instead of finding excuses, I am here to tell you all of an important update in my fitness journey.

For the past few years, my local gym which I have frequented for pretty much 14 (!!) years now has got worse and worse. The facilities there are not kept well and I just find the customer service in the place appalling, as a member I don’t feel supported and just coast along doing my own thing each time, which is great but sometimes you need to have a little bit of motivation to keep you going.

The David Lloyd logo.

I have taken a stand though, and today I have cancelled my membership. Instead, I have signed up with David Lloyd Leisure and from the 26th August I will officially become a member after having my induction with them. This is not a decision which I took so instantly, I have been looking into going elsewhere for many months now. I do a lot of shift work with my current job and I need something that is adaptable to my needs. I want to be able to finish work on a night shift and be able to go to the gym or go swimming, which my current gym can not offer. Their opening times start from 8am whereas I finish work sometimes at 6:30am, and the waiting around waiting for the gym to open is not ideal. I have also become a member with David Lloyd because your membership is carried with you wherever you go, I can pretty much go to any David Lloyd centre throughout the whole of the UK, with the only two exceptions being the posh centres in the centre of London, which I doubt I would want to visit anyway.

David Lloyd Leisure Club Exeter
Architects: Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson Main Contractor: Pellikaan Construction Ltd © David Millington Photography Ltd

I went to my local David Lloyd centre in Reading today which is not too far away from me, and will be an easy place to get to on my days off and when I finish shift. I had a great guided tour, and there was a vast different between the David Lloyd centre and my current leisure centre in that it was clean, very clean and the staff there are very helpful and friendly, I expect this was partly because of the fact they wanted me to sign up, but in general you just get a feeling of professionalism in the place. The gym itself has some great facilities including a very accurate body measurer which tracks your weight, your BMI, your heart rate, pretty much everything you would want to know about your current health, and they use that to adapt your workout routines. It also syncs seamlessly to the David Lloyd app which you can download free of charge to your phone, and where you can also book classes and hire things at your own convience. It is worth pointing out that the classes are all free of charge too.

The locker rooms look very fancy.

So yes, here I am, starting again with my fitness regime. This is it for me though, it has been so long since I have gone through any induction and when I have mine next week I fully intend on trying to get the best method for me in how I am going to tone up and lose weight. There is an NHS discount on what I will be paying for my membership, which I am very thankful for, but as you can imagine the price I will be paying each month is not that cheap. It is affordable though and I think that it is fully justified when you look at what you can get for your money. For me, like I said earlier, the sticking point with this is the ability to carry my membership with me wherever I go and can use pretty much any centre I would like to. I can also use the spas and saunas at no extra charge too, I hear the ones at the Newbury centre is out of this world. I also think with paying extra money each month, I will be more inclined to keep at it and to use it as much as possible, getting my money’s worth so to speak.

This gorgeous looking spa at the Newbury centre tempts me very much.

So wish me luck, I honestly think this is it for me now. This is the beginning of another chapter and combined with my cycling I will be doing my absolute best to get myself back into shape, and more mportantly be healthy again. I will keep you updated on how I get on, I am sorry that I haven’t posted on this topic for quite some time now (well, before Christmas last year). I honestly think that David Lloyd is going to be a much better fit for my needs, and I love the fact that it all seems to be so much more of a sociable place too, where you can meet like-minded others to share your working out time with.

Is there any of you readers who are also a member of David Lloyd leisure? Please get in touch if you are as I would love to hear from you, any advice or tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

It’s time to WORK!

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  1. I used to be a member of Pure Gym – it lasted a few months and I was really good and then I went on holiday and never got back into it. It took 2 years of not going to finally cancel the membership. Maybe one day I will get back into it. Good luck with the new gym!

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    1. Thank you, I still go pretty frequently to my current gym but I know with David Lloyd I will be motivated to go a lot more frequently, it’s time to get back into shape!

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