LaserQuest & Tonsillitis

Hello dear readers, it’s time for another blog. I apologise for not writing one sooner, but here it finally is. I actually have things to talk about in this one.

So in my last blog I talked about wanting to get back on my bike and go cycling more often, well throughout July, I unfortunately didn’t do much cycling which I am ashamed to say. I did get ill though, I had a nasty bout of tonsillitis which knocked me for six. At first I didn’t know what was happening, I just felt so drained each day and had (what I thought) a cold coming along as I had a horrible sore throat. The throat was getting more and more sore each day, so I decided to go and see my GP who confirmed that it was tonsillitis, meaning I had to go back on anti-biotics. These anti-biotics would be the third time this year alone where I was on a course of them to fight off some infection, I am starting to get used to them. It took me a couple of days or so, but I finally got my strength back and now I am ready to get back on the saddle. The only problem is that this month, August, I am working a lot, so it’s about finding the time to go out on my bike, rather than finding excuses not to. We shall see what happens.

This photo was like me getting my throat inspected.


Yesterday I took a trip down to see my friend who recently moved down to Lee-on-the-Solent which was really nice, it’s such a lovely part of the UK down there by the coast. It was nice to catch up with my friend again and share some laughs. Later on in the evening, we went out with some friends from work to go and take part in a LaserQuest tournament. I have never done LaserQuest before but this turned out to be really fun and I really enjoyed myself, even if it was rigged. The aim of the game is to shoot lasers at your opponents, and you are split into teams, so there is a red team and a green team. Some people’s laser guns weren’t working and some people weren’t even “dying”, one of those people being me. It was great because I just ended up walking around letting anyone shoot their lasers at me, feeling comfortable in the knowledge that I wasn’t going to be killed. Still, the whole day was a whole load of fun and I really want to do something like this again.

LaserQuest was so much fun!

Unless you are living under a rock, you will know that the 2016 Olympics have just started as well. I have some great memories of the London Olympics from 2012 and I don’t think anything can top that for me, and it seems I was right. I tried watching the Opening Ceremony (on catch up) this morning and I have to say I was not impressed, talk about recycling ideas. I do hope that the Olympics does go well for Brazil though, considering all of the negative press that it has received in the weeks leading up to the events. Who knows, I may actually get into watching it again and watch a few sports, I know I really love the track events.

The 2016 Rio Olympics.

Last week we also got installed our second Sky Q Mini box in our household, meaning that now three TV’s are connected to Sky Q. There have been some serious teething issues with Sky Q since it’s launch but it does seem to be getting better and better, and on August 13th the Ultra HD service will also be launched which I am really excited for. I do love how Sky have made TV so much more accessible though for everyone, making downloading Catch-Up TV a doddle and having such an easy UI to navigate and use as well. Bring on the next update, I say.

Sky Q is getting better, Ultra HD launches soon.

Anyway, until next time that is all I have to talk about this time around. Later this month will be exciting though as I will be heading North to go to both Creamfields and Manchester Pride which will be fun! I will, of course, do another blog on this at the time. Thank you for reading.