The Color Run 2016

The happiest 5K on the planet…

The date was the 12th June 2016, and the location was in London, UK. The Color Run came to town on this date and was being held at the Wembley Park around Wembley Stadium. I was there, of course, and now it’s time to give you a run down on what happened.

The Color Run came to town.

So, yes, the Color Run is basically a fun run of 5K (5 kilometres, 3.1 miles) where at each kilometre you get pelted with different colours. The Color Run is spelt as such as it was originated in the USA where color is spelt color and colour in the UK is spelt colour. This just adds to the confusion, but it’s all part of the fun. It’s basically like the Holi Festivals which are based in India mixed with a bit of a fun run to get everyone healthy and happy, and is especially great in the sunshine.

So on Sunday gone, me and my mate Amy travelled to the Wembley Stadium to be part of the fun. This was the first time for both of us taking part in this event and I think we were both as excited as each other. We entered the vicinity with our racer numbers attached to our white T-Shirts (all provided by the Color Run) and started off with a warm-up exercise involving dancing in time to some dance music, pretty much like a giant flashmob. We then escaped to get right to the front of the race line, and luckily we did as we were second row from the front and it felt fantastic being there at the front and we are also featured in some of the official Color Run photographs, see if you can spot us on their website!

2016-06-12 14.06.31
Me & Amy before the race started.

The whistle blew and off we went, unfortunately for Amy, she couldn’t really run due to recent complications with her neck but we power-walked our way through 5K. We started off getting pelted with Red, then Yellow, then Orange, then Blue and then towards the end we got pelted with an assortment of colours including Purple, Green and Pink. We were in our element. All through the morning, the weather was miserable and I remember driving to meet my mate with torrential rain battering down. It was a fantastic moment when we were just about to start the race, and the sunshine makes an appearance at that moment, it was like someone had purposely turned the lights on in time. We picked a fantastic day for it.

The sun came out just as we were about to start.

To take part in the Color Run, it costs £25 but both me and my friend agreed that it was fantastic value for money, they provide you with a T-shirt, head bands, wrist bands, glitter face paint and temporary tattoos. In addition to this, there were a ton of freebies being given out at the park such as more head bands, colour dust (i’ll come on to this in a bit), free drinks at the bucketload, free food (well, Skittles and Alpen) and also free professional photos too. Not bad for a day out right? Plus, you always feel good after a bit of exercise so it was a great way to feel happy for a day.

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After the race has taken part, there was an after-party with live music and DJ’s spinning some great tracks. Every 10 minutes or so they would do another colour burst, with all of the audience throwing more colour dust (which got handed out at the bucket load) into the air and on to each other, to make outselves even more colourful. It was a fantastic party environment and it felt like everybody was in it together. Me and my friend agreed that we would most definitely be doing it again next year as well.

Were you there too? Maybe you have been to a Color Run elsewhere in the world, share your stories as I would love to hear from you. Before you go, be sure to watch our 10 minute VLOG of the day and join inthe excitement.