#TBT – Robyn – Robyn Is Here (1995)

Let’s get in that time machine and head back to the mid-1990’s, as it’s time for another look back at some music of old times. This time we are heading back to 1995 to look back at the debut album from the Swedish songstress Robyn. When I was at the recent Eurovision Song Contest, held in Sweden, there was a segment in the final which looked back at some of the best Swedish International music throughout the years and it reminded me of how much I love Robyn.


Robyn’s career has taken different shapes throughout the years, she started off as an R&B & Pop songstress (especially on the debut album) and then ended up becoming a Queen of Electronica music in recent years. I am going to take a look back at where it all started for her though, with her debut album “Robyn Is Here”.

Robyn (Robin Miriam Carlsson) was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1978 and from an early age she was always drawn to music and gained popularity on Swedish TV. Here is where it all started for Robyn back in 1993.

Robyn released her debut album “Robyn Is Here” in Sweden back in 1995, but it wasn’t until 1997 that she started to gain popularity worldwide and released that album internationally. Interestngly, the album wasn’t much of a success here in the UK but was a big hit in the USA at the time going platinum there. Here is what Peter Robinson who writes for Popjustice wrote about the album back in the day:

“While the music loses its edge stretched over 13 tracks, and at the same time surrenders its subtlety when heard on a song-by-song basis, Robyn Is Here is nonetheless a slinky, funky album, and for all those disappointed by the weediness of Louise, disillusioned by the Spice Girls, or distracted by the hastily drafted in Kim Wilde lookalike factor of All Saints, Robyn’s your gal.”

The debut single from that album was “You’ve Got That Somethin'” which was released in Sweden in 1995, but it wasn’t until her third single from that album called “Do You Know (What It Takes)” was released that she started breaking waves internationally, especially here in the UK. The song in question reached the Top 40 in the UK in August 1997 after initially being released in her native Sweden back in 1996!

Here is the music video to jog your memory, remember this?

The song in question stalled at #26 in the UK charts, although I do remember being a fan of the song at the time. It wasn’t until the next single came along that she really started to take off. The fourth single from the album was called “Show Me Love” and wasn’t released over here until March 1998 but did go Top 10 and I remember it being all over the radio back in the day. I used to remember getting confused with this song and the song also called “Show Me Love” by Robin S, that was the big house track if you recall. Anyway, “Show Me Love” for Robyn was the song that did really well for Robyn and it looked like her career was going to take off big time internationally, as the song was huge on the radio airplay both here and in the USA at the time. Here is the video to remind you of the song…

Unfortunately for Robyn, that promising start to her career seemed to stall a bit with her her follow-up album. It was only popular in her native country and didn’t break any waves either here or in the USA. I think by that time, especially here in the UK, people had moved on to the likes of Billie Piper and Britney Spears who was also bringing that slice of sassy pop and were doing it better at the time. I have always had a soft spot for Robyn though, and I remember getting her debut album in the bargain bins at ASDA back in the day for a reduced price. You may think that’s not so great but actually it was for me, as I discovered more of Robyn’s back catalogue and kept me interested in her career from afar. Robyn has, to date, received a grand total of 1,511 plays in my Last.FM catalogue.

Of course, later down the line, in 2007, Robyn got her revenge in a way with the release of the fantastic international hit “With Every Heartbeat” which went on to do much better than any song from her debut album, that’s both here and the USA, but in the UK that song managed to reach #1 which was massive for Robyn. Robyn has been doing really well with her recent albums, her sound has changed somewhat, but she still brings that sassy pop to the electronica mix on her albums. She recently released an EP and has promised that a new album is in the works, hopefully that will arrive soon. Here is her most recent track for anybody who is interested in hearing it…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look back into musical history and don’t forget to check out her debut album “Robyn Is Here” which is available to listen to on Apple Music by clicking the cover art below. Stay tuned for another trip in the time machine again soon. Do you have any memories of this album or Robyn? Get in touch as I would love to hear from you.