Eurovision 2016 Live Blog: Day 6

Who is going to win this trophy?

Well this is it, today is the day of the Grand Final. I can’t believe we’re at this point already, this week has gone by so fast! As always with any Eurovision event, I have had an amazing time and it has been great to see so many of my friends from whom I have met previously, along with meeting new people and associating myself with new friends who as it turns out have enabled me to have an even better time out here.

Tonight is going to be extremely emotional for me I think, not only because tonight is the night in which it’s all about, Eurovision. Tonight will be the Grand Final where it reaches it’s climax and we find out who has won the trophy. I will also be very sad as it will mean it’s come to it’s end and there will be no more Eurovision for another year. I think it’s because for one week you’re in such a bubble with people who share the exact same interest as you and then suddenly that bubble has been taken away from you and you’re back to reality once again. I can honestly say that this week I have been completely and utterly myself in more ways than one and have danced to pretty much every Eurovision related song at EuroClub and got to meet some great artists too. Tomorrow will be a very sombre day flying back to London, luckily I have two more days off before going back to work so there will be a bit of recovery time there too which will be nice.

Eurovision fans know how to party.

So anyway, this blog is a retrospective blog and it’s time to look back on yesterday’s events. After partying at EuroClub until 5am, I woke up at just after lunchtime and proceeded to meet my friends at the EuroVillage. We then went down to the Globen Arena for about 5pm so that we could get a good view in what will be a packed show. We had a lot of fun singing and laughing in the queue line and they let us in at 7pm. I had an amazing view yesterday, right at the front in our section. I saw it all.

I know I boast about Eurovision a lot but I can honestly say that was the best Grand Final that i have ever seen to date. It was a Dress Rehearsal last night but it was also what’s known as the Jury Final so it was still such an important night for the acts as they need to be pitch perfect in order to get a good result from the National Juries. From start to finish, the show is packed full of entertainment, music and humour and I think for anybody watching they will have a good time and find something from it which will make them laugh. I especially loved the opening catwalk where all of the acts do like a fashion show to the tune of EDM music (that’s the likes of Avicii, Swedish House Mafia etc).

2016-05-13 22.31.51
A sneak peek at tonight’s show.

I am from the United Kingdom and we are performing 25th in the running order, and we do stand out quite well towards the end. The performers Joe & Jake pulled out a great show and got everybody singing along, for once I am not ashamed of our entry and I think (and hope) that we get away from the bottom of the scoreboard tonight. I was also blown away by Australia, I have been converted as a Dami Im fan this week after meeting her but she has a fantastic vocal range and I wouldn’t rule them out as potential winners. I will also be rooting for Bulgaria tonight who is definitely my favourite song this year, it has become sort of like my theme tune as I keep hearing it at EuroClub and I can’t help but dance and sing-a-long. The singer, Poli Genova, is also very sweet and humble and I hope that they get a decent result tonight too. I may even try and vote for them on my phone tonight!

Come on, Bulgaria!

We also had guest performer Justin Timberlake on stage to perform a medley of his classic hits along with his new single “Can’t Fight The Feeling!” which I have really loved since first hearing it a week ago. He really knew how to work the crowd and it is a big highlight in the show as well I think. That is one bit of the show you do not want to miss, along with the actual interval act which comes a bit later, honestly, make sure to watch that as you will laugh so much!

2016-05-13 22.21.28
Justin Timberlake

So after the show we went to a different after-party in Stockholm, this one was very posh I have to say. I felt very under-dressed in there. We say Wiktoria (who competed in this year’s Melodifestivalen) and Charlotte Perrelli (the Swedish 1999 Eurovision winner) who performed some classic hits. We were also meant to see Sergey Lazarev who is representing Russia this year in the contest, but he pulled out, I would imagine because he has a big and really important show to do today haha. My friends and I did wonder if he had actually been booked all along, still, I had a fantastic time seeing one of my idols Charlotte Perrelli. This is the song that really got me back into Eurovision as mad nutter fan:

Anyway, I had better go and get ready. We are queueing from 2pm today to get a good spot. Don’t forget to look for a nutter jumping up and down during Bulgaria, as that will be me! This isn’t the end of my blog series though, I will give my conclusion tomorrow so stay tuned. Happy watching everybody.