Eurovision 2016 Live Blog: Day 5

Poli Genova qualified for Bulgaria, the first time in 9 years!

Ouch, my head. I did a little bit too much celebrating last night and after crawling home at 5am this morning I have just woken up, with a massive headache (a.k.a. hangover). Last night was pretty immense though, I ended up going back to EuroClub for some more partying after the results came in at the 2nd Semi Final last night. I met up with some great people who I seemed to hang around with all night and we all had a load of fun, all in the spirit of Eurovision. I can’t quite believe that there is only today and tomorrow to get through and then it will all be over for another year. I was having a conversation with one of my new friends yesterday and I think it has been pretty much decided that I will be doing this all again next year, regardless of where the contest will end up. I love it too much to give up on it and I know that wherever it will be, it will always be just as fun. Let’s see what happens though I guess…

So back to topic, the results last night were surprising to say the least. Who saw a qualification for Georgia in there? I was pleasantly surprised though as I do like the song and it’s great to have another rock song in the final, but I had it down as a no-hoper. How wrong was I? We also saw the elimations of Norway and Denmark, adding to the eliminations of Iceland and Finland in the first semi-final. You know what that means though don’t you, Sweden will be the only Nordic country being reperesented in the Grand Final and will probably vacuum up a lot of votes from the Scandinavian viewers in the process. I wouldn’t rule out coming back to Sweden again next year, and I expect they will be put on another fantastic show much like this year.

It’s looking like a good night for Frans (Sweden) on Saturday.

It is still too early to tell though, and even though the Swedish song is popular on Spotify, I am not sure it is popular in Eurovision. The general consensus amongst the die hard fans (including myself) seems to be that we are talking about a Russian, Ukrainian, Australian or even Armenian win. All of those countries are in the East as you can see, although Australia would not be able to host the contest in Australia should they win, so they will probably team up with a Western broadcaster if that was to be the case. The thing with Eurovision is that it is always unpredictable, especially with the new voting procedure this year. Anything can happen and I am sure it will.

Would an Australian win be controversial?

The draw has been announced for the running order and it is great news for the UK, it is the penultimate song being performed and with two happy lads giving it all they can I hope and predict that we will at least be on the left hand side of the scoreboard for a change. By this, I am talking somewhere between 10th-14th place but even so, this is a massive step up from last year. The draw also looks really good for Armenia who are perfoming in the final slot, number 26. You may remember that Italy last year had that same position and won the public vote by a big margin, they didn’t win overall, but it’s taking into account that by performing last you will be the most memorable and if it’s a good song you are bound to collect a lot of votes.

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.39.59

I love all of these stats and figures and I really can’t wait for the show to begin, this is where it gets so much more exciting. The next couple of days are going to be fever pitch. Tonight is the night of the Jury Final, the final will be played out in all of it’s entirety (apart from maybe Justin Tmberlake being there) and then the National Juries from the 42 competing countries will cast their votes, ready for tomorrow. Another thing to watch out for is the running order of which the votes are given, as it is done to make it exciting, so if you see a lot of Scandinavian countries towards the end about to announce their votes, it will be looking very good for dear Sweden.

Right, I had best make a bit of an effort to get out there and see the world. I think today will be chilling at the Eurovillage, then the show later tonight, then more partying at EuroClub. I am not exactly a party animal by any stretch of the imagination but there’s just something about the atmosphere out here that you just feel like you have to go.

Until next time…

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