Eurovision 2016 Live Blog: Day 3

Well, what a result that was. I can’t believe that Iceland didn’t make it through last night but on the other hand I am so glad that the under-rated countries such as Croatia and Austria have made it through, along with Czech Republic which makes this the first time ever for them to reach the Grand Final. The rest of the 7 countries that didn’t make it through I can see why they didn’t, so I am not completely shocked at the results but my only wish was for Iceland to get through, I had it down as a potential winner after seeing it live.

So right today, I have just woken up again, I feel so tired but I have another jam packed day ahead of me. Today I am going to go sight-seeing in the old part of town and also go to the ABBA Museum for lunchtime which will be good fun. I will then be going back to Globen for show number 3, which is the 2nd Dress Rehearsal for the 2nd Semi-Final, and much like on Monday, the National Juries watches this show and votes on it. It is also the OGAE party at EuroClub tonight so I am fully intending on spending my whole night there, I expect I am going to be hungover this time tomorrow but it’s all part of the fun I guess!

Other things I did yesterday included seeing Dami Im in an intimate setting, which formed part of the Australian party. It was extremely intimate as it was so packed into the smallest of rooms that you couldn’t walk or breathe, but hey, I got to see Dami and it was great to feel the passion of the Aussies over here. I am officially part of the Dami Army now with my new hat, I wore it to the show last night and everyone thought I was Australian, I just wish I could do an Australian accent.

2016-05-10 15.31.10
Dami Im at the Australian party.

From the Australian party I headed up to the Eurovillage and watched some performances there and also went up the newly erected City Skyline which is like the London Eye flipped and rotates in a circle high up, so you get great 360 degree views of Stockholm. If you are over here or are coming over here I highly recommend this, not bad for 100 kronor.

2016-05-10 16.52.31
A view from the City Skyline.

Anyway, I’m keeping this quick as I am running out of time, but to say I am very pleased with the results last night. It is going to keep the Grand Final diverse and I am over the moon for Czech Republic, it proves that perseverance does indeed pay off. I hope this convinces Slovakia to come back next year as well. I am also very pleased for Austria, I love the singer Zoe, I met her at the EuroClub on Monday night and she is so genuine and sweet and you can tell she is fully embracing her time here. It was lovely last night when the crowd were chanting her name, I know she has always been a fan favourite but I did think she would struggle to get through, but I have been proved wrong, delightfully so!

Austrian Zoe. 

Anyway, I am off to get ready. I will be taking more photos today. I haven’t had a chance to properly edit all of my photos taken so far as there has been so many, let alone put together videos which I promised to do. I will go back to my original plan of having an extended VLOG of my happenings over here and upload this when I am back in the UK early next week, so stay tuned for that and subscribe to me on YouTube also.

Bye for now…